January 28, 2023

Afghanistan Needs Honest Cooperation of Neighbors

Afghanistan Needs Honest Cooperation of Neighbors

Pakistan Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, leading a high-level delegation, visited Kabul last Tuesday.

The delegation, also consisted of Mohammad Sadiq Khan, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Pakistani Charge d’affaires to Kabul, Obaid ur Rehman Nizamani and a number of other related officials.

Bilateral relations, including cooperation in the areas of education, trade and investment, regional connectivity, people-to-people contacts and matters related to regional security among the agenda discussed between the minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Emirate and Pakistani delegation.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi discussed TAPI projects, railway, releasing Afghan prisoners from the Pakistani jails and visa facilitation for Afghans
leaving in the neighboring country along with other related issues.

The day-long visit of the neighboring country’s high-ranking politicians to Kabul, happens at a time, when Afghans are impatiently waiting for lasting honest cooperation of all neighbors, particularly, Pakistan, to
address all dilemmas ahead of economic development, as the last two so-called republic regimes, failed to reconstruct most of the country’s economic infrastructures over the last twenty years.

This is a clear fact that Pakistan has done much for Afghanistan during the Afghan jihad and the two nations have lived like brothers over the last several decades and the good relations still continues
between the two nations.

Few days ago, an oral dispute between the two countries border guards resulting in a brief armed clash. This is to be noted that some malicious circles used the short-term dispute to fuel grave misunderstanding between the two Muslim neighbors.

Border closure, mistreatment of Afghans living in Pakistan and many other cases are the incredible results of efforts of certain malicious groups to keep the relations between the two countries hostile.

Therefore consecutive visits of the two countries’ delegations, are expected to address all misunderstandings and strengthen relations between the two countries and help both Muslim nations live in brotherhood.

The visit of Pakistan’s delegation to Kabul, one of the most important ones, since the Islamic Emirate takeover of the country, is expected to once again open a hope for the Afghans to see relations improved between the two nations of common culture and faith.

On the other, as some tensions are reportedly seen inside Pakistan and along the two countries’ borders, there is a need for both countries cooperation to join hands to address them.

Peace in Afghanistan can help stabilize Pakistan and other neighbors, even the region. Likewise, Pakistan can undeniably play a key role in strengthening the stability of Afghanistan and both governments should
do their best to prevent any obstacles ahead and help the two countries develop and the two nations live in lasting peace.

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