Afghanistan in the month of October 2016

(N.B. In this article, only those incidents and casualties are mentioned that are confirmed and verified by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that the devious enemy has always tried to pervert the prevailing facts and figures; therefore, one should not forget to visit ‘Alemara’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, […]

(N.B. In this article, only those incidents and casualties are mentioned that are confirmed and verified by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that the devious enemy has always tried to pervert the prevailing facts and figures; therefore, one should not forget to visit ‘Alemara’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, on regular basis for having accurate and first-hand information about the financial losses and casualties of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, as well as the rapidly increasing disgust of Afghan masses against the illegitimate foreign occupation of last fifteen years.)

October 2016, too, was fraught with numerous operations, victories and achievements, in which, huge amount of light and heavy weapons and other ammunition were seized by Mujahidin. On the other hand, hundreds of those people who were serving in different security organs of the puppet regime, after realizing the malicious vested objectives of foreign invaders and the inability of stooge authorities, abandoned their duties and amalgamated with Mujahidin along with their arms and other military equipment. This and various other topics have been discussed in detail under the following captions for your kind reading.

Casualties inflicted on foreign invaders:

In October 2016, considerable losses and casualties were inflicted on foreign invaders. For example:
On Wednesday 4th October, according to authentic reports, an American soldier was killed in the eastern part of the country.
On Saturday 8th October, two more occupiers were wounded in ‘Nangarhar’ province.
And both of these incidents were confirmed and admitted by the enemy.
On Wednesday 19th October, two American invaders were killed and three others were injured by an infiltrated soldier.
On Monday 24th October, four foreign occupying soldiers were killed when their military tank became the victim of a land-mine in ‘Sabary’ district of ‘Khost’ province.
Two days later, the foreign invading soldiers came under another meticulous attack of Mujahidin in ‘Bagram’ base, in which, significant losses and casualties were inflicted on them; yet, they told that only two of their soldiers were injured in this incident.
Though, in October 2016, more than ten foreign occupying soldiers were killed, but they admitted only three casualties in this month. In this way the total number of foreign soldiers killed and confirmed by them, rises to 3523. But the actual number of their casualties is several times higher than this.

Casualties inflicted on mercenary enemy:

On Sunday 30th October, ‘SIGAR’ published a report, revealing that the stooge regime has lost nearly 5000 of its mercenary forces during last year. But this year, till the end of August, this amount has risen to 5523 casualties. Besides this, a huge number of 9500 stooge soldiers has been added to those who were injured during last year. This colossal increase of losses and casualties among the stooge enemy’s ranks has stupefied their foreign masters.
On Monday 24th October, General Nicolson, the commander general of foreign occupying forces expressed his concern about the unprecedented increase of losses and casualties of Afghan mercenary forces who were trained by them with high hopes and huge costs.
Though finding the exact number of casualties suffered by the mercenary security forces is quite difficult; yet, in the following lines, some incidents are furnished which would reveal the amount of losses and casualties inflicted on them.
On Monday 3rd October, ‘Naad Ali’ district inside ‘Helmond’ province was liberated and controlled by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, several stooge officials of puppet regime, including the district security chief, were killed.
On Tuesday 11th October, media reported that 230 mercenary forces were injured and captured alive by Mujahidin in fighting in the center of ‘Helmond’ province.
On Sunday 16th October, the puppet governor of ‘Helmond’ province admitted that 50 of their mercenary security forces were killed in fighting. He added that nearly 50 more soldiers are missing.
One day later, in northern part of the country, the head of notorious ‘Gilam-Jam’ militia, General Dostam, a prominent figure in the heterogeneous stooge setup, was seriously wounded including several of his close comrades in a successful ambush of Taliban. Prior to this incident, four high ranking commanders of ‘Gilam-Jam’ militia were also killed by Mujahidin in ‘Faryab’ province.
On Monday 17th October, some distinguished commanders of national security organ were killed by Mujahidin in ‘Badghis’ province.

Financial losses of the enemy:

Besides physical losses and casualties, colossal financial losses have also been inflicted on both the foreign crusade invaders and their internal mercenary in-security forces. Most of their supply convoys were brought under successful attacks and were destroyed. Several districts were liberated and controlled by Mujahidin. Numerous strategic areas were captured, in which, huge amount of ammunition and armaments were seized, which made them significantly self-sufficient for long. The above and some of the following incidents disclose that losses worth millions of dollars were suffered by the joint enemy in October.
On Sunday 2nd October, an enemy helicopter was hit and brought down by Mujahidin in ‘Shah Wali Kot’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.
Similarly, on Sunday 9th October, another cargo helicopter was targeted and destroyed by Mujahidin in ‘Pul-i-Khumri’ district of ‘Baghlan’ province.
The collapse and destruction of these helicopters augmented the financial losses of the enemy by millions of dollars.

Assaults of crusade masters on their mercenary forces:

The invaders alliance headed by devious America has recurrently targeted their mercenary Afghan forces by killing tens of them, and eventually these assaults were labelled as ‘good will’ and ‘support mission’ gestures. In this series:
On Saturday 1st October, a group of ‘Afghan Commandos’, who were serving their foreign masters, were bombed by American invaders in ‘Bala Buluk’ district of ‘Farah’ province, in which, one commando was killed and five others were seriously wounded.
On Sunday 9th October, a similar attack was carried out by foreign invaders in ‘Nobahar’ district of the same province, in which, two mercenary soldiers were killed and six others were wounded. They were targeted and hit by American jet-fighters when they were trying to escape from the battle-field.

Traffic police dragged to the battle-field:

Constant defeats and incessant losses have not only embarrassed the foreign invaders by compelling them to revive their whole strategy, but they also have bewildered the heads of the stooge setup to the extent that on Thursday 13th October, it was decided and announced that traffic police personnel of Kabul will have to go to ‘Helmond’ province for practical participation in the battle-field.
It shows that the morale of puppet regime has been incurably crumbled by incessant fighting in various parts of the country.

The sequence of amalgamation with Mujahidin:

Besides the incessant progress of Mujahidin by the grace of Almighty Allah, members of the ‘Invitation and Consolidation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate have been indefatigably working hard round the clock to achieve their prestigious goals. Consequently, numerous officials of the puppet regime have realized their fault and eventually left the stooge setup. According to authentic reports, nearly 1048 officials of stooge regime have left their jobs and integrated with Mujahidin. Though complete and detailed information in this regard is included in the monthly report of ‘Invitation and Consolidation Commission’ published in ‘Alemara’ website. In the following lines some incidents have been elaborated as a handful out of heap.
On Thursday 6th October, seven soldiers left the mercenary army and integrated with Mujahidin in the center of ‘Baghlan’ province.
A day later, eighty persons of border police-force, including their commander’ joined Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Bala Murghab’ district of ‘Badghis’ province.
On Tuesday 11th October, a whole battalion of anti-riot force united with Mujahidin along with all their arms and ammunition in the center of ‘Urzgan’ province.
On the same day, 230 security personnel of puppet regime were caught alive in an ambuscade of Mujahidin in the center of ‘Helmond’ province. Most of them surrendered to Mujahidin while some others were killed in fighting.
On Sunday 30th October, another battalion of mercenary army surrendered and integrated with Mujahidin inside ‘Urzgan’ province. Reports say that the commander of this battalion, his deputy and 42 other security personnel were the part of this amalgamation.

Abscondence of mercenary Afghan forces:

With the intensity of fighting, only two options are left for the officials and in-security forces of puppet regime to save their lives; either they should amalgamate with Taliban or try to escape to a safer place. This phenomena is not confined only to those forces who are practically involved in the tough battle-fields; instead those security personnel who have gone abroad for training or special courses, have also resorted to this strategy.
On Thursday 6th October, it was reported that the Afghan soldiers who were sent to America for military training, have disappeared from their training centers.
Prior to this, it has been quite frequent that the civilian or military personnel of the stooge regime who went abroad either for visit or training purpose, refrained from coming back to Afghanistan and applied for asylum in the respective countries.

Abscondence of Foreign invaders:

For the last two years, the withdrawal and abscondence process of foreign occupying forces was incessant, and it was hoped that this process would be completed by the end of 2015; but most of the invaders did not stand by their words and extended their illegitimate occupation of our beloved homeland.
But on Monday 3rd October, the Bulgarian prime minister announced that his country will evacuate its forces from Afghanistan as soon as possible. The probable reason behind this announcement was that envoys of occupying countries could not reach to an agreeable time frame for ending the Afghan dilemma and getting rid of it.
Omari Jihadi Operations:
In October too, with the grace of Allah Almighty, the process of Omari Jihadi Operations were in full swing, having significant achievements. Some of them are elaborated in the following lines:
On Sunday 2nd October, an American military helicopter was shot down by courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Shah Wali Kot’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.
On the same day, ‘Nobahar’ district of ‘Zabul’ province came under fierce attack of Mujahidin, in which, several mercenary forces were killed and wounded.
On Monday 3rd October, ‘Nawa’ district in ‘Helmond’ province was liberated by Mujahidin, in which, huge amount of arms and ammunition was seized.
One day later, ‘Khanashin’ district of this province came under Mujahidin’s control for the fourth time.
On Thursday 6th October, heavy fighting erupted for the liberation of ‘Pul-i-Khumri’ city, the center of strategic ‘Baghlan’ province.
One day later, a huge attack was lunched on the center of ‘Farah’ province, in which, a strategic military post was captured and 20 mercenary forces were killed as confessed by the enemy.
One day later, in northern part of the country, Mujahidin launched another huge assault on the strategic center of ‘Kunduz’ province by extending their control to the central square of the city.
On Friday 7th October, a huge convoy of the enemy, supplying food and ammunition to the defeated and besieged mercenary forces inside ‘Kunduz’ city, was brought under meticulous attack by Mujahidin, in which, all the logistics were destroyed and colossal financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the enemy.
On Sunday 9th October, in the successful series of ‘Omari Jihadi Operations’, a helicopter of the enemy was shot down which was supplying logistics to the besieged mercenary forces in ‘Pul-i-Khumri’ city of ‘Baghlan’ province.
On Monday 10th October, courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate defeated the defense lines of ‘Lashkargah’ city and successfully managed to extend their control to the brinks of this strategic city.
And just 27 hours later, ‘Ghormach’ district of ‘Faryab’ province was also controlled by Mujahidin.
On Sunday 23rd October, thirty five military posts of mercenary forces were captured by Mujahidin after a fierce fighting in ‘Chura’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province.
On Tuesday 25th October, a huge and successful martyrdom seeking attack was carried out on the main entrance of strategic ‘Bagram’ airbase, in which, colossal financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the joint enemies.
One day later, military and civilian installation of the stooge regime were brought under Mujahidin’s attack in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province, in which, huge losses were suffered by the enemy.

Mujahidin and Modern Technology:

On one hand, the enemy is stunned by the swift and astonishing advance of Mujahidin in all battle-fields; and on the other hand, the enemy was dumb-founded when a video was released by Taliban, which was filmed by a drone, showing a meticulous martyrdom attack on ‘Nawa’ district of ‘Helmond’ province. This video has not only confused the Afghan mercenary forces who had already lost their fighting morale; but it has also shocked the brutal foreign occupying forces, as they are confused about Taliban’s access to this sophisticated modern technology. No sooner did this video was released, the so called defense ministry of mercenary forces announced that if seen again in the air, they will strike Taliban’s Drones.

Rivalries and Divisions inside the stooge setup:

As mentioned earlier, differences and rivalries inside the heterogeneous setup have reached their climax. Besides verbal attacks, fierce power struggle among various groups and fictions has also been reported. In this series:
On Sunday 2nd October, the governor of ‘Nangarhar’ province resigned from his post, while publicly announcing the disregard and negligence of stooge Kabul setup in resolving the issues of power struggles in ‘Nangarhar’ province, resulting in his resignation.
On Monday 10th October, the so called governor of ‘Kunduz’ province blamed the army chief of puppet regime and the regional security commander for the humiliating collapse of this province. In retaliation, the mercenary army chief warned that once the fighting is over in this province, he was going to reveal some odd secrets about this embarrassing incident for the whole puppet regime.
On Monday 24th October, the so called head and executive chief of heterogeneous setup were accuse by ‘General Dostam’, the notorious warlord of unrestrained ‘Gilam-Jam’ militia in north, for racial discrimination and bigotry. He added that several high ranking officials of the present stooge setup were inefficient and were involved in the recent fatal attack on his military convoy, in which, he was seriously wounded.
On Monday 31st October, a fierce armed clash was reported among the high ranking officials of health ministry of puppet regime; the motives and consequences of which is still unrevealed.
On Wednesday 26th October, the occupying ‘NATO’ alliance also expressed its deep concern about the increasing differences and rivalries among the various factions and groups of its own established heterogeneous stooge setup.

Increase in Occupying Forces’ airstrikes:

Contrary to all pledges and promises made by the foreign occupying forces with their mercenaries, once again, they have returned to confront Mujahidin in the battle-fields by significantly increasing their brutal and indiscriminate air attacks.
According to a report published on Thursday 27th October, round about 700 air-strikes have been conducted by these savage foreign invaders during last ten months of current year.
Torture of civilians by invaders and mercenaries:
The brutal and ruthless behavior of both foreign occupying forces as well as their internal mercenary forces is seemingly adopted as a regular policy and is still incessant. Instead of decreasing, it is escalating day by day. In this regard, a detailed report about civilian losses and casualties has been published by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. In the following lines, some incidents, as a handful out of a heap, have been discussed:
On Sunday 2nd October, a UN worker was killed inside his house by mercenary forces during a night raid in ‘Nangarhar’ province.
On Wednesday 5th October, civilians were indiscriminately bombed by brutal foreign invaders in ‘Kunduz’ province, in which, tens of innocent people were martyred and wounded including children and women.
One day later, four brothers, all of them ordinary people, were ruthlessly martyred by brutal foreign invaders in the dark of night in ‘Nangarhar’ province.
On Sunday 16th October, a journalist was killed in ‘Zabul’ province, and the free media support group blamed the national security agency for this felony.
Two days later, a student was seriously wounded by an unrestrained commander of the so called special security forces in ‘Zurmat’ district of ‘Paktia’ province.
On Wednesday 19th October, even a worse offence took place in the above mentioned district when an innocent student was made to stand naked in front of all his fellow students and teachers inside the premises of school by the same unrestrained and brutal commander of puppet regime. In retaliation to this inhumanity, all schools of that area were closed for several days as protest.
On Friday 28th October, two students of one school were ruthlessly martyred by the so called security commander in ‘Qara-Bagh’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.
In another tragic incident, tens of innocent local people including women and children were brutally martyred in an indiscriminate night raid of savage foreign invaders, after suffering heavy losses and casualties in Mujahidin attack in ‘Shairzad’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province.
On Monday 31st October, civilian residential area in ‘Chora’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province was indiscriminately bombed by brutal foreign invaders, in which, 30 innocent and defenseless people were martyred while several others were wounded.

Enemy’s anxieties about seized arms and ammunitions:

During the period of Ativan treatment and for another 3 days after its completion, you should not drive a car or engage in other potentially dangerous activities that require increased concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions.

During the spectacular progress and conquests of heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, huge amount of light and heavy weapons and ammunition, including American made arms, were seized as booty, which are considered sufficient for Mujahidin’s Jihadi operations approximately for the following three years. In this connection:
On Monday 17th October, the so called defense ministry of stooge setup confirmed the confiscation of above mentioned weapons by Mujahidin while adding that their access to such a huge amount of arms and ammunition has really perplexed the mercenary authorities of puppet regime.

Stance of the Islamic Emirate about Negotiations:

Recently some rumors were spread that a meeting has been conducted between the Islamic Emirate and some officials of mercenary setup; but
On Tuesday 18th October, the spokesman of Political Office of the Islamic Emirate told that the stance of the Islamic Emirate regarding talks or negotiations has been unwavering. Our focal precondition for holding peace talks with the deceived authorities of puppet regime is the unconditional withdrawal of foreign occupying forces from our beloved homeland.
New Status of mercenary setup in the world:
The heterogeneous mercenary regime had already succeeded in achieving first position in the world community in corruption and narcotics. Recently, another significant goal has been accomplished by this stooge setup.
On Thursday 27th October, according to a survey conducted by international justice group, the present stooge setup of Kabul has been assigned 111th position in the ranking of 113 countries in respect of anarchy, lack of control and lawlessness. In other words, the present stooge regime of Kabul has obtained third position in chaos and anarchy in the world community which is really an achievement to be proud of!!!