Afghanistan in the month of November (2016)

(N.B. In this article, only those incidents are covered which were confirmed by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that, in most cases, prevailing realities are twisted by the foreign invaders for the sake of deceiving their people, as well as, the innocent and freedom loving people of our country. Therefore, for actual ground […]

(N.B. In this article, only those incidents are covered which were confirmed by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that, in most cases, prevailing realities are twisted by the foreign invaders for the sake of deceiving their people, as well as, the innocent and freedom loving people of our country. Therefore, for actual ground realities and the real amount of financial losses and casualties of foreign occupying forces and their internal mercenary forces, one is advised to regularly visit ‘Alemarah’, the official websites of the Islamic Emirate.)
Though, November is the beginning of winter season in Afghanistan, but the active Jihadi centers were as warm as they were in the spring season, due to the persistent Jihadi activities of a large number of Mujahidin. In November, vast and fatal attacks were carried out against the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, in which, huge financial losses and casualties were inflicted on them.
In the following lines, some of these incidents, which were bewildering for the enemy, are discussed and elaborated for keeping our esteemed readers fully informed about the ongoing scenario inside the country.

Casualties of foreign invading forces:

The foreign invaders are trying their best to depict themselves as the winner of ongoing war in Afghanistan, therefore, they would never reveal the immensity of their losses. In November, only 4 casualties were admitted by them.
On Thursday 3rd November, the NATO invading forces confirmed that two of their soldiers were killed in ‘Kunduz’ province. But authentic local media resources told that their death toll was more than five.
On Saturday 12th November, the largest and strongly fortified military base of foreign invading forces in ‘Bagram’ was brought under a meticulous attack of Mujahidin, in which, tens of wicked foreign soldiers were killed and wounded, by leaving their malicious ambitions unfulfilled. But the devious enemy accepted only four casualties.
Though, overall 27 foreign soldiers were killed in November, but the enemy confirmed that only 15 foreign soldiers were killed in this month.
In this way, the total number of foreign forces killed inside Afghanistan from the beginning of their illegitimate invasion, and confirmed by them is 3527. Among them, 2391 are American soldiers.

Casualties of internal mercenary forces:

Due to the widespread Jihadi operations of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in all parts of the country, it is quite difficult to cover and estimate the extent of losses and casualties suffered by the internal amateurish mercenary forces. In the following, some incidents are elaborated which can easily reveal the immensity of their losses and casualties.
On Tuesday 1st November, 32 internal mercenary soldiers were killed in fighting in ‘Ghorak’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province. And, on the same day, 3 high ranking stooge military officials were killed and wounded in a blast in the center of ‘Urzgan’ province.
On Friday 18th November, the so called security chief of ‘Bakwa’ district in ‘Farah’ province was killed by Mujahidin. In another ambush, the director of national security and a prominent group leader were also killed during Mujahidin’s operation in the above mentioned district.
On Tuesday 29th November, the commander of 207 army corps was killed along with some other high ranking military officials in a helicopter crash in ‘Bala-Mughab’ district of ‘Badghis’ province.

Financial losses of the enemy:

The costs and financial losses of the ongoing futile war inside Afghanistan have rocketed tremendously higher than those estimated or expected by the American invaders and their allied forces in the initial stages of implementing their malicious plan of illegitimate occupation of our beloved homeland. Therefore, the ongoing war in our country has become the costliest one in the recent history of these brutal invaders. Financial losses worth millions of dollars are regularly suffered by the enemy on the monthly basis. In the following lines, some incidents of their financial losses, as a handful out of a heap, are discussed.
On Wednesday 16th November, a helicopter of the wicked enemy was hit and brought down by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Baraki Barak’ district of ‘Logar’ province, in which, the helicopter was destroyed and several casualties were suffered by the enemy besides the financial losses.
On Saturday 12th November, the strategic ‘Bagram’ base of foreign invaders was brought under sever attack of Mujahidin, in which, huge financial losses, worth millions of dollars, were inflicted on foreign invaders.
On Tuesday 29th November, another helicopter of the wicked enemy was hit and destroyed by Mujahidin in ‘Bala-Murghab’ district of ‘Badghis’ province, which was a huge financial blow for the enemy.

‘Omar’ Jihadi Operations:

Though some parts of the country are covered by snow due to the winter season and cold winds are blowing in most areas, but Jihadi operations are incessant as usual and have been least affected by weather changes. In the following lines, the progress and achievements of Mujahidin under ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations in different parts of the country are elaborated.
On Friday 11th November, the German consulate in ‘Kunduz’ city, which had turned into ‘an intelligence center’ for the foreign brutal invaders and all fighting and attacks in this province were monitored and controlled from here’ became the target of a meticulous and fatal attack of heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, the building of the consulate was completely demolished and tens of foreign invaders were killed and wounded inside.
Just one day later, an unprecedented and deadly martyrdom attack was carried out on the strategic and huge ‘Bagram’ base of savage foreign invaders. Despite the painstaking security measures and circles around this strategic base, the martyrdom seeking Mujahid, managed, by the grace of Almighty Allah, to reach his destination and carry out the attack, in which, several foreign invaders were killed and wounded including a colonel.
In this deadliest incident, the enemy admitted only four casualties, but according to authentic and independent sources, more than 25 foreign invaders were killed and wounded in this fatal attack.
This successful attack was so disastrous and unexpected for the American occupiers as they had to close their embassy inside Kabul besides suspending several other ongoing projects in various parts of the country.
On Wednesday 14th November, a vehicle of the so called national security organ of the puppet regime was attacked by Mujahidin inside Kabul, in which, all mercenary forces on board were killed.

Internal wrangles of the puppet admin:

Reports say that internal differences of the stooge admin and power struggle between various stakeholders of this heterogeneous regime are increasing day by day.
On Saturday 12th November, ‘Salahuddin Rabbani’, the so called foreign minister, including three other stooge ministers, were suspended by the bogus parliament. (Though, they are still active, which is another question mark on the formation and jurisdiction of this stooge parliament). ‘Salahuddin Rabbani’ was rejected by a parliament mostly composed of his own party members. It reveals deep cleaves and differences among them, which can jeopardize the party he belongs to.
On 13th and 14th November again, vote of no confidence was casted inside the bogus parliament against three more ministers, but the head of the stooge admin, contrary to the constitution approved under American supervision, asked them to continue their duties.
On Wednesday 30th November, the head of the puppet admin met his arch rival ‘Ata Noor’ in ‘Balkh’ province. He also wanted to meet his own deputy, the commander of the notorious and unrestrained ‘Gilam Jam’ militiamen in the North, but due to the differences and disputes which were elaborated in the previous article, his deputy refrained from receiving or meeting him.

Oppression and Torture of civilian people:

The pious and helpless people of Afghanistan are agonized and tortured incessantly. In the following lines, some incidents are elaborated which can depict the gravity of the issue.
On Tuesday 1st November, 35 innocent civilians were martyred in the indiscriminate bombing of savage foreign invaders in ‘Chori’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province.
On the same day, media reported that 34 other civilian countrymen were killed by ‘Daish’ militiamen in the center of ‘Ghore’ province.
On Thursday 3rd November, all members of one family, including women and children were martyred in a raid of brutal foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces. The local eye-witnesses told that tens of innocent civilians were killed and wounded in these ruthless operations and more than 50 houses were completely demolished.
On Thursday 3rd November, 23 local people were martyred and 16 others were injured in the indiscriminate mortar shelling of internal amateurish forces in ‘Qala-Kosa’ area of ‘Khawaja Sabzposh’ district of ‘Faryab’ province. According to the local eye-witnesses, a wedding ceremony was targeted in this brutal attack, therefore, the death toll was very high and all of them were innocent civilian people.
On Friday 18th November, a helpless and innocent countryman was ruthlessly martyred by the son of a so called chief security commander of ‘Baghlan’ province.
(For further details of civilian oppressions and losses, one must read the monthly report of ‘war crimes of foreign invaders and their mercenary forces’.)

Protests and Demonstrations of civilian people:

Due to the above mentioned atrocities and oppressions, the innocent masses had no other option but to demonstrate against the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces.
On Tuesday 1st November, the ordinary shopkeepers of ‘Kandahar’ city gathered and protested against the brutality of local police force. They claimed that some shopkeepers are abducted by the amateurish policemen for ransom.
On Sunday 6th November, the pious and freedom loving people of ‘Kunduz’ province arranged wide spread demonstrations. Their main demand was the abrogation of the so called ‘security agreement’, signed between the puppet regime and the brutal foreign invaders. They also demanded that ruthless night operations should be stopped, in which, only the helpless and defenseless civilians are tortured, by inflicting casualties and financial losses on them.
In retaliation to a series of indiscriminate attacks of brutal foreign invaders, in which, tens of our innocent countrymen were martyred and wounded, the so called members of bogus parliament also called for the abolition of ‘basic security agreement’; whereas, this malicious agreement was approved by them two years ago against all the Islamic values and national interests of their people.

Divine support for Mujahidin:

In the previous months, several district centers and strategic military bases of the enemy were controlled by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, huge amount of light and heavy weapons and other ammunition were captured by them, which is considered quite sufficient for the following two or three years Jihadi operations.
On Sunday 6th November, the military helicopter of the stooge admin which was sent to support their mercenary forces in ‘Ghizab’ district, mistakenly dropped all the ammunition and other logistics inside Mujahidin controlled area. And now, Mujahidin are widely using these weapons and ammunition against the puppet regime forces, as well as the foreign invaders.

Confession of Failure:

On Sunday 27th November, ‘Ahmad Zia Masaud’, the special advisor of the head of stooge admin, admitted that Mujahidin are stronger than ever before. He added that the increased influence of Taliban inside various organs of the stooge admin is halting our operations against them.
It was previously confessed by the stooge officials of puppet regime that Taliban have largely infiltrated their personnel in all ranks of the so called security forces.
On Tuesday 15th November, Russia, the main supporter of notorious northern alliance, called the puppet regime as a failed project, by considering it the main cause of all differences and internal skirmishes among Afghans.

Widespread corruption inside the stooge admin:

Fraud and corruption is increasing day by day inside all organs of puppet regime. Even those people are found involved in this widespread phenomena that are not part of the stooge setup. According to authentic reports, some contractors have been supplying donkey meat instead of cow meat to the officials and workers of the stooge admin for long. (While donkey meat is totally forbidden in our religious and cultural values.)
Independent media outlets had previously revealed several cases of supplying donkey meat by the contractors to the so called security police forces in the south of the country.
For the last two years, the so called members of the bogus parliament have been regularly blaming high ranking officials of the stooge admin that ‘Daish’ (i.e. ISIL) is formed by them for the sake of their vested personal interests.
On Sunday 20th November, ‘Ishaq Gilani’, the head of a political party also joined these voices and told that due to its internal support for ‘Daish’, the stooge Kabul admin has lost its credibility inside the world community.
Recently, new cases of corruption and differences have been revealed inside the puppet admin. A chieftain of notorious ‘Gilam Jam’ militiamen has been abducted by ‘General Dostam’, the head of these ‘unrestrained militiamen’ and the deputy head of the stooge admin.
On Thursday 24th November, reports said that this chieftain, the former deputy commander of these unrestrained forces, was abducted and kept in unknown by ‘General Dostam’, for not supporting him in his brutal military operations in the north of the country.

Mujahidin’s support for national projects:

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is following a clear and well-defined policy in accordance with the Islamic Sharia for the preservation and security of all matters of national interests. But the stooge admin has launched a propaganda campaign against Mujahidin by defaming them in the name of opposing projects of national interests.
For the sake of better understanding of our pious masses, the Islamic Emirate has reiterated its full support in a statement announced on Tuesday 29th November. This statement explicitly says that Mujahidin are never against the implementation of these economic projects; rather they will spare no effort and will leave no stone unturned in protecting and safeguarding these projects of national interests.