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Afghanistan in the month of May 2017

Afghanistan in the month of May 2017

In May 2017 too, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate were as courageous, progressing and successful as ever, by gaining vast areas, capturing numerous military posts of the enemy and liberating even complete districts. The above and other incidents which took place during May, are elaborated under the following captions:

Casualties of Foreign occupying forces:

During May, significant losses and casualties were inflicted on foreign invaders.

The first incident took place in ‘Bati Kot’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, where fatal and meticulous attacks were carried out by Mujahidin on the sanctuaries of these wicked foreign forces by inflicting colossal losses and casualties on them.

A day later, an armored tank of foreign occupying forces was hit by a roadside landmine blast in ‘Bachgram’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, by killing 6 foreign soldiers and injuring several others.

On Wednesday 3rd May, the savage foreign forces were brought under a huge attack of heroic martyrdom seeking Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in the ‘Sash-Darak’ area of ‘Kabul’ city, in which, a dozen soldiers were killed and wounded according to verified reports; but the wicked enemy confirmed that only three of their soldiers were injured in this incident.

On Sunday 14th May, four savage occupying soldiers were killed in a road-side landmine blast in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Parwan’ province.

Though the above incidents were confirmed and verified by authentic and reliable media outlets, but the wicked foreign enemy confirmed none of their casualties in the whole month of May 2017. Therefore, the number of foreign soldiers killed during this year and confirmed by them remained 4. Thus the total number of foreign soldiers killed during the last sixteen years in fighting inside Afghanistan remained unchanged which is 3532.

Losses and casualties of internal mercenary forces:

On Tuesday 2nd May, SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) announced that the losses and casualties suffered by the stooge Afghan army has significantly increased as compared to previous years. According to this report, 807 stooge soldiers were killed in the first two months of current year while hundreds more were injured. Though exact information of their sufferings is not available, but some of the following incidents can easily depict the amount of losses and casualties suffered by these mercenary forces.

On Wednesday 3rd May, a police commander including his 8 armed personnel were killed in ‘Dar-ul-Muallimeen’ area of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Sunday 7th May, the press counsellor of governor of ‘Kandahar’ province was killed in a guerilla attack of Mujahidin.

On Wednesday 10th May, another notorious commander was killed in an adhesive mine blast in ‘Spin-Bodak’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Sunday 14th May, an Arbaki commander including 6 of his armed personnel was killed by Mujahidin in ‘Gardaze’ city, the center of ‘Paktia’ province.

On Tuesday 16 May, the directors of human resources and telecommunication in ‘Kunar’ province were killed in a rocket attack.

On Monday 29th May, the head of ‘Sheikh Abad’ district in ‘Paktika’ province was killed by Mujahidin along with one of his body-guard.

Friendly Bombardment:

On Wednesday 24th May, the mercenary Afghan forces who have left no stone unturned in killing and torturing their own masses by proving their sincerity and devotion in fulfilling the malicious objectives of their crusade masters, were brought under an indiscriminate air attack by the savage foreign invaders in the center of ‘Kunduz’ province, in which, more than 40 mercenary Afghan soldiers were killed and wounded.

In April too, these deceived stooge forces were brought under sever bombing by their own savage foreign masters in ‘Tarin-Kot’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province and ‘Tagab’ district of ‘Kapisa’ province, in which, they had suffered huge losses and casualties. But the stooge admin in Kabul could not go beyond expressing their helplessness against their own unrestrained foreign masters.

Helpless People and Merciless Militiamen:

The whole span of May was fraught with miseries for the oppressed Afghan masses. Though full details of civilian sufferings are elaborated in the monthly report of ‘Commission for Civilian losses and casualties’ which is regularly published on the monthly basis in ‘Alemara’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate; but, here in the following lines, a handful of these miseries and sufferings are mentioned.

On Monday 1st May, two innocent civilians were martyred and four others were injured in the indiscriminate drone strike of brutal foreign invaders in ‘Haska Maina’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province.

On Monday 8th May, media reported the death of the student who was relentlessly shot earlier by an unrestrained Arbaki commander in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

On Saturday 13th May, a notorious Arbaki militiaman killed his own mother and two other civilians in ‘Andar’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province.

Deployment of fresh occupying forces:

On one side, the deceiving enemy constantly claims defeating Mujahidin inside Afghanistan, and on the other side, despite recruiting nearly four hundred thousand mercenary fighters under the disguise of national army and national police forces, they are in search of deploying fresh occupying forces inside Afghanistan.

On Monday 1st May, the NATO secretary general told a German newspaper in an interview that this alliance is considering to send additional forces to Afghanistan. He added that this issue will be discussed in the upcoming meeting of this alliance in June.

Currently, more than thirteen thousand foreign invaders are present inside Afghanistan who are fighting on various fronts against Mujahidin.

On Monday 29th May, the Australian authorities announced to send only 30 additional soldiers on the constant demand of NATO.

Mansoori Jihadi Operations:

It has been nearly two months that Mansoori Jihadi Operations have been launched in all parts of the country. Some of its magnificent achievements and successes are discussed in the following lines:

On Monday 1st May, ‘Ghormach’ district in ‘Badghis’ province was liberated by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. High ranking officials of this province admitted that ‘Qadis’, ‘Abkari’ and ‘Maquar’ districts are also under severe attacks as they are on the verge of collapse.

On the  same day, the wicked foreign invading forces were brought under a meticulous collective attack of Mujahidin in ‘Bati Kot’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, in which, huge losses and casualties were inflicted on them.

On Tuesday 2nd May, besides the joint base of mercenary police force and the notorious Arbaki militia, ‘Ishkashm’ and ‘Muquar’ districts in ‘Badakhshan’ province were brought under severe attacks of Mujahidin by inflicting heavy financial losses and casualties of the stooge enemy.

On Wednesday 3rd May, a massive attack was launched on the military check posts of the enemy in ‘Maiwand’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province, in which, several posts were captured and the mercenary forces therein were killed and wounded.

A day later, ten more military posts came under Mujahidin’s control in ‘Sayyad’ district of ‘Saripul’ province.

On Saturday 6th May, ‘Qala-i-Zaal’ district in ‘Kunduz’ province was liberated after severe fighting for several days. In this conquest, a huge amount of heavy and light weapons and their ammunition were seized by Mujahidin, while colossal financial losses and casualties were inflicted on the mercenary enemy.

On Sunday 7th May, ‘Khan Abad’ district in ‘Kunduz’ province was the witness of severe attacks of Mujahidin, in which, the American backed mercenary army and the notorious Arbaki militiamen suffered heavy losses and casualties, while Mujahidin captured a significant amount of arms and ammunitions.

On Friday 12th May, the hideouts of mercenary army in the center of ‘Urzgan’ province were attacked by Mujahidin, in which, at least fifteen soldiers of the enemy were killed.

On Thursday 25th May, resolute support brigade, central jail, and the directorate of national security in ‘Ghazni’ province were brought under simultaneous attacks by Mujahidin by inflicting heavy losses and casualties on the enemy.

On the same day, ‘Waghaz’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province was liberated by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, a huge amount of military equipment and ammunition was seized.

Three days later, the center of ‘Dara-i-Boom’ district in ‘Badghis’ province and its security headquarter came under Mujahidin’s control.

On Saturday 27th May, a convoy of mercenary resolute force under the special surveillance of American occupying forces was brought under fatal attack of Mujahidin in ‘Khost’ province, in which, tens of their soldiers were killed and wounded, while several military vehicles were put on fire.

Internal/infiltrated attacks:

In May, several internal or infiltrated attacks took place in the various ranks of mercenary army. Some of them are as following:

On Tuesday 16th May, an Arbaki militiaman killed three of his comrades inside their post in ‘Khogyani’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province and then escaped towards an unknown place.

On Monday 22nd May, a commander killed 8 of his armed personnel in ‘Sangin’ district of ‘Helmond’ province and then managed to escape.

On Sunday 28th May, an infiltrated police killed 6 other policemen in ‘Shinki’ district of ‘Zabul’ province and then escaped safe and sound.

On Tuesday 30th May, severe fighting erupted between puppet police force and mercenary army in ‘Chura’ district of ‘Urzgan’ province, in which, at least ten mercenaries were killed and wounded.

Unlawful Executions:

For the last several years, the mercenary forces of stooge setup in Kabul have badly suffered on all fighting fronts against the heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, therefore, the puppet regime has resorted to false and fabricated propaganda for concealing their humiliating embarrassment. New efforts have been launched to execute those innocent and oppressed prisoners who are relentlessly agonized and tortured to confess the uncommitted crimes.

On Monday 8th May, verified information was received by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate that the puppet regime is trying to execute 11 innocent prisoners for veiling their shameful defeats in the battle fields and misleading our pious masses and diverting their attention from the vicious deeds and illegitimate presence of the savage foreign occupying forces in our beloved homeland.

The Islamic Emirate has announced this wicked act as totally contrary to Islamic Sharia as well as all social and human norms and regulations, and has vowed that if implemented; all security, judiciary and other concerned organs of the stooge regime will be rigorously attacked by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate throughout the country.

The recent Kabul attack:

On Wednesday 31st May, a perplexing and massive blast took place in Kabul, in which, numerous of innocent countrymen were killed and wounded. The real nature of this catastrophic incident is still unclear, but apparently it has been connected with a wastage carrying tanker which blasted in the midst of a busy square in the early hours of the day. But the available evidences clearly deny this ridiculous conclusion; and it is quite possible that this incident might have even worse repercussions, still unrevealed.

After this tragic incident, some political groups and civic societies announced to organize massive demonstrations, protesting against the inefficiency of the heterogeneous setup, its possible involvement in the incident, and eventually its resignation.

Military Truce:

Hikmatyar’s group joined the stooge regime of Kabul, established and supported by crusade invaders, under the disguise of peace-agreement which was worked out for the last six months, resulting in the eventual appearance of the leader of this party one month ago.

To justify this untoward move, they are misusing the noble term of ‘Peace’ and, further, trying to entrap even others in this hidden snare of the devious enemy.

On the other hand, their claims are always seconded by their provocative and offense statements full of enmity against Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

On Saturday 13th May, ‘Hizb-i-Islamic’ announced that a list of 3500 of its fighters (now prisoners) has been handed over to the so called defense ministry of mercenary admin, further requesting their amalgamation in the mercenary army ranks.

In addition, another list, containing a hundred notable names, has been given to the national security organ to engage them in the service of the so called ‘democratic system’ of Kaubl. But ……….Their demand has been plainly overruled by the concerned authorities!!!

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