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Afghanistan in the month of June 2020

Afghanistan in the month of June 2020

Note: This article consists of only those incidents which are admitted and confirmed by the enemy too. But still it is worth mentioning that for getting accurate and detailed information about the losses and casualties of the enemy forces, one is advised to visit ‘Alemara’ the official website of the Islamic Emirate on regular basis.

As mentioned in the previous monthly reports that after signing the peace agreement with American forces, Mujahidin’s operations have decreased to some extent. In June Mujahidin had stopped their attacks and were rather in defensive position. But even then, a number of enemy forces were killed and wounded in various incidents. Similarly at least one district was liberated and conquered by Mujahidin during this month.

In the following lines, these and various other issues of public interest are discussed under different captions:

Losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries:

Despite the reduction in Mujahidin’s attacks and adapting a defensive position, the series of losses and casualties of the internal mercenaries is incessant. Though complete figures are not available in this regard, but in the following lines some important incidents as a handful out of a heap are mentioned.

On Monday 1st June, the traffic chief of Kapisa province was killed by some unknown people.

On the same day, a commander of Daish (ISIS or ISIL) was killed by Mujahidin in Warduj district of Badakhshan province.

On Wednesday 3rd June, the security commander of ‘Said Karam’ district in Paktia province was killed in an ambush while he was on his way to enforce those mercenaries who were fighting against Mujahidin.

On the same day, a high ranking retired intelligence officer of the interior ministry of stooge admin was killed in Logar province.

On the same day, the security chief of Qal-i-Zal district in Kunduz province was killed.

On Sunday 7th June, the head of Gezab district of Uruzgan province was killed.

On Monday 8th June, two high ranking commanders of the enemy forces were killed in Herat and Laghman provinces.

On Tuesday 9th June, the crime (control) officer of Kajran district of Daikundi province was mysteriously killed.

On the same day a former senator of the puppet regime was killed in Logar province.

On the same day, the head (governor) of Shor-Tapa district in Balkh province and a notorious Arbaki commander was killed in direct confrontation with Mujahidin.

On Wednesday 10th June, the recruitment commander of the mercenary forces was killed.

On Thursday 11th June, the commander of special brigade of presidential palace was killed.

On Monday 15th June, a national security colonel and a notorious Arbaki commander lost their lives due to Corona virus.

On Wednesday 17th June, a military helicopter of the enemy forces collapsed in Farsi district of Herat province.

On Saturday 20th June, two police commanders for frontier corps of stooge admin were killed in Nahr-i-Saraj district of Helmand province.

On Monday 29th June, the security chief of Dehrawud district in Uruzgan province was killed.

Torture and losses of the innocent civilians:

After the peace agreement, losses and casualties of the civilian people were decreased to some extent, but in the last two months this tragic phenomena has escalated once again. In the following lines, some incidents are furnished as evidence.

On Monday 1st June, media reported that civilian residential area in Yangi-Qala district of Takhar province was brought under indiscriminate shelling, in which several houses were demolished and a number of civilians were martyred.

On the same day, a so called parliamentary delegation told media that the brutal and bloody attacks on a funeral ceremony during last month in Nangarhar province were carried out by the supports of Hazrat-Ali, an unrestrained commander of the notorious Northern Alliance, and some other elements supported by the present puppet regime.

On Friday 5th June, a number of innocent people were martyred when the internal mercenaries opened indiscriminate fire on civilian houses in the center of Ghazni province.

On Monday 8th June, four civilian people were ruthlessly martyred by the special security forces in Shinwaro district of Parwan province.

On Saturday 13th June, four women of one and the same family were relentlessly martyred by the mercenary forces in Logar province.

On Monday 15th June, nearly two hundred shops of civilian people were demolished by the internal forces in the center of Greshk district of Helmand province.

On Thursday 25th June, nine members of one and the same family were ruthlessly martyred in the blind bombing of the mercenary forces of the puppet regime in Balkh province.

On the same day, two children were martyred by the internal forces in Tagab district of Kapisa province.

On Monday 29th June, a number of innocent people including children and aged ones were ruthlessly martyred and injured when a civilian marketplace came under the indiscriminate attacks and shelling of the mercenary forces near the center of Sangin district in Helmand province. The stooge setup blamed Mujahidin for this tragic incident very blatantly. But UNAMA and some other independent organs plainly told that irrefutable evidences show that this felony was committed by the mercenary forces of the puppet regime.

Further details of this tragic incident can be found in the monthly report of civilian losses and casualties of the concerned commission which is regularly published on the official website of the Islamic Emirate.

Surrender of the enemy forces:

After the peace agreement and evident signs of victory, the enemy forces started to quit their ranks and join the heroic and freedom loving Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in all parts of the country and this phenomena was in full swing in June as well. In this month, more than nine hundred armed personnel of the puppet regime amalgamated with Mujahidin. In this series:

On Tuesday 2nd June, fourteen armed forces including two of their commanders surrendered in Namak-Aab district of Takhar province.

On the following day, forty more personnel left the ranks of the puppet regime and joined Mujahidin in various districts of Balkh province.

On Thursday 4th June, a policeman of the security headquarters in Nangarhar province surrendered to Mujahidin along with a ranger type vehicle.

On Saturday 6th June, tens of soldiers and policemen surrendered in Baghlan province.

On Thursday 11th June, tens of the puppet regime forces surrendered in Pul-i-Khumri district of Baghlan province.

On Saturday 13th June, tens of security forces joined Mujahidin in Logar province.

On Thursday 18th June, seventeen soldiers laid down their arms to Mujahidin in Paktia province.

On the same day, forty nine more soldiers surrendered in Baghlan province.

On the following day, fifty four security forces of the puppet regime joined Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in seven different districts of Balkh province.

On Friday 26th June, a member of the provincial council of Zabul province joined his hands with Mujahidin.

On the same day, ten security personnel of a check post joined Mujahidin in Samangan province.

On Sunday 28th June, forces of a security check joined Mujahidin in ‘Maidan Wardak’ province.

Thorough details of all surrendered security forces and other personnel can be read the monthly report of ‘Guidance and Amalgamation Commission’ of the Islamic Emirate, regularly published on its official website.

Exchange of Prisoners:

Though according to the peace agreement five thousand Mujahidin prisoners and one thousand prisoners of the puppet regime were to be released by now, but this process could not go smoothly due to various hurdles of the stooge admin. However during June, it was accelerated and a number of prisoners were released by both sides. But still a significant number of prisoners from the approved figure of five thousand are still locked up in various jails of the puppet regime.

‘Al-Fatah’ Jihadi Operations:

On Sunday 28th June, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan issued a statement that Mujahidin have adapted defensive position, and will only retaliate if attacked by the mercenary forces of the stooge admin. Despite being in defensive mood, Mujahidin had significant achievements during this month as mentioned in the following lines:

On Friday 5th June, fifteen enemy forces were killed when a sever fighting erupted between Mujahidin and the mercenary forces of the puppet regime in Zabul province.

On Tuesday 9th June, in a separate confrontation which broke out in Shor-Tapa district of Balkh province, the head (governor) of the above and a commander of the notorious Arbaki militiamen were killed by Mujahidin.

On Monday 15th June, ten commandos of the mercenary forces were killed in a skirmish with Mujahidin in Tagab district of Kapisa province.

On Sunday 21st June, Atghar district in Zabul province was controlled by Mujahidin as the enemy forces had already fled the area without any significant resistance.

On Wednesday 24th June, ten commando forces were killed in fighting with Mujahidin in Bala-Murghab district of Badghis province.

Withdrawal of foreign invaders:

On Friday 19th June, media reported that 3400 American forces have left Afghanistan according to the peace agreement.

On Saturday 27th June, CNN reported that Pentagon has completed a plan to withdrawal 4000 more American troops from Afghanistan and this process is going to be started soon.

Assassination of Religious Scholars:

After being defeated on all fronts, the puppet regime in Kabul has embarked on killing those people who supported the regime until recently, but now they are pleading peace and stability as the basic needs of the war stricken people as well the country. In this series:

On Tuesday 2nd June, the orator of the central ‘Wazir Akbar Khan Mosque’ (named Moulave Ayaz Niyazi) was assassinated inside the mosque. The Islamic Emirate issued a communique by denying any kind of involvement in this felony by citing it as the vicious act of the puppet regime.

On Friday 12th June, the orator of the famous ‘Sher Shah Suri Mosque’ was killed in a well-planned way. Local people told the reporters that during the night preceding the incident, the mosque was thoroughly searched out by the security forces and was closed till 11 a.m. on that day. Evidences prove that the mine used in this blast was fixed very skillfully under the podium (pulpit) of Imam.

On the following day, another religious scholar was martyred in Takhar province.

On Monday 15th June, a religious scholar along with some Huffaz (those who learn the Holy Quran by heart) were ruthlessly martyred by the mercenary forces in Farah province.

A group of people belonging to Daish (ISIS or ISIL) who confessed that by using different type of arms and vehicles of the national security department and backed by a former director of this organ, they have embarked on assassinating the religious scholars and those notable figures who are against the war-seeking policies of the present puppet regime in Kabul.

Coffins of the Democratic Thieves:

From the very beginning, the stooge admin in Kabul was deeply involved in all types of corruption and looting of public assets, national revenues and even the private properties of the helpless civilian countrymen. Hundreds of millions of dollars were looted by various underhand tactics.

Now some countries want to provide financial and other relevant medical support to the stooge setup to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. These cruel and callous looters have not even felt any sympathy for the poor and helpless patients affected by this virus. Even donated equipment were put to auction, and some of these equipment were smuggled to the neighboring countries. In the wake of this corruption, looting and mismanagement, the patients of Covid-19 virus are losing their lives due to serious shortage of Oxygen and other health facilities. Only in June, hundreds of our helpless countrymen have died in public hospitals administered by the stooge admin.

It causes addiction, especially in people prone to depression and panic attacks. Now, there are more harmless (they aren’t cheap, however).

Adolescents recruited in Army and Police:

On Sunday 28th June, under the auspices of the United Nations, media reported that youngsters are recruited in the corrupt army and police ranks of the puppet regime for sexual abuse. The interior ministry of the stooge admin told after admitting and confirming this felony that serious steps are underway for reducing this felonious phenomena.


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