Afghanistan in the month of July 2016

(N.B: In this article only those incidents and casualties are covered which were admitted and confirmed by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that for more and detailed information regarding the losses and casualties of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, the official website of the Islamic Emirate should be visited on the […]

(N.B: In this article only those incidents and casualties are covered which were admitted and confirmed by the enemy too. It is worth mentioning that for more and detailed information regarding the losses and casualties of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, the official website of the Islamic Emirate should be visited on the regular basis.)

It is obvious that the security situation inside the country is deteriorating day by day, and the stooge admin based in Kabul is not only on the verge of losing the remaining few administrative centers, but the anarchy, armed looting, robberies and likewise other crimes are spreading by leaps and bounds.

July was a month fraught with political and military maneuvers, and some of them will be elaborated, analyzed and shared with our esteemed readers under the following captions:

Losses and casualties of foreign invaders:

On Saturday 2nd July, a convoy of foreign invaders was brought under attack, in which, several foreign troops were killed and injured. But according to the Associated Press, the foreign enemy admitted that only five of their soldiers were wounded.

On Tuesday 5th July, a helicopter of the enemy was destroyed as it became the target of a mine plotted by Mujahidin in ‘Zeri’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province, which inevitably resulted in losses and casualties for them; but the timid enemy, consistently with their deceptive tactics, adopted silence about their losses and did not disclose any of their casualties in this incident. Since no loss was admitted or confirmed by the foreign invaders, therefore, the number of their casualties could not soar up in the month of July.

Losses and casualties suffered by the mercenary enemy:

On Sunday 10th July, General Nicolson, a high ranking official of brutal foreign invaders inside Afghanistan told in a press conference that the number of casualties among the ranks of stooge admin has escalated. He added that it was the direct result of increased number of Mujahidin’s attacks on the military posts and bases of army and police forces of puppet regime. He expressed his anxiety by saying that due to the present scenario in which the army and police force of Kabul based admin are trapped, their casualties can exceed any other time. Though this general did not reveal or even refer to the actual amount of losses and casualties of mercenary forces, but one can perceive it from the following incidents which are only a handful out of a heap.
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On Wednesday 27th July, a high ranking official of stooge national army was killed by American invaders in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Parwan’ province.

On Thursday 28th July, the commander of sixth division was killed in a conflict with Mujahidin.

On Friday 29th July, the director of human resources in the stooge central parliament was killed in an adhesive-mine in Kabul.

On Saturday 30th July, the director of investigation in ‘Ali Abad’ district of ‘Kunduz’ province was killed.

On Sunday 31st July, the commander of border regiment of ‘Khanashin’ district in ‘Helmond’ province was killed. On the same day, the former representative of ‘Logar’ province in the stooge central parliament was also killed.

On Tuesday 26th July, in a separate incident, several policemen were killed by an infiltrated colleague in ‘Shah-wali-kot’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province. Five other policemen were captured alive from the same check-post by the courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate.

Financial losses of the enemy:

Just like previous months, colossal financial losses were inflicted on both, the foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces. During the whole span of July, several strategic places and districts were liberated from the enemy, in which, tens of armed vehicles, military tanks and various other equipment were seized by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Huge military bases and centers of the enemy were demolished.

In addition to the above, two military helicopters of the enemy were destroyed by our brave Mujahidin, inflicting a huge loss, worth millions of dollars, on the enemy.

The first incident which occurred on Tuesday 5th July, in which, a helicopter of the enemy was completely destroyed by a mine plotted by Mujahidin in ‘Zeri’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

The second incident took place when a helicopter of the enemy was hit and brought down by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Pusht-i-Road’ district of ‘Farah’ province.

Omari Jihadi Operations:

In the series of Omari Jihadi operations, numerous successful attacks were carried out, in which, vast areas and strategic centers were liberated and captured by Mujahidin. Some of them are furnished in the following lines:

On Friday 1st July, the strategic area of ‘Astana Baba’ situated in ‘Shirin Tagab’ district of ‘Farah’ province was once again captured and controlled by Mujahidin.

Similarly, Mujahidin made significant advances in the South.

On Monday 18th July, the suburban areas of ‘Khanashin’ district in ‘Helmond’ province came under Mujahidin’s control, and the district center was strictly besieged.

On the same day, the strategic ‘Sangin’ district of ‘Helmond’ province came under Mujahidin’s control once again.

Meanwhile, four key check-posts of public order police force were captured by Mujahidin in ‘Garam Sair’ district of this province.

On Saturday 30th July, after a long and severe battle, ‘Khanashin’ district fell to the hands of Mujahidin and the flag of the Islamic Emirate was hoisted there.

Northern parts of the country also witnessed significant advances of our devoted Mujahidin. Some of them are elaborated in the following:

On Wednesday 20th July, ‘Qala-i-Zal’ district of ‘Kunduz’ district was conquered and liberated by Mujahidin, but the enemy denied the collapse of this district. Eventually, on Friday 22nd July, the member of provincial assembly of puppet regime admitted and confirmed that ‘Qala-i-Zal’ was under the control of Mujahidin.

On Thursday 21st July, Mujahidin successfully managed to clear and liberate vast areas of ‘Khuwja Ghar’ district in ‘Takhar’ province from the mercenary forces of stooge enemy by ultimately reaching to the outskirts of district center.

On Friday 22nd July, ‘Faryab’ province was the witness of Mujahidin’s well-planned and severe attacks, in which, the strategic ‘Tailan’ area of ‘Pushtun-Kot’ district was liberated and cleared from the mercenary forces of the enemy.

Enemy’s confession of Mujahidin’s strength:

On Friday 1st July, the head of foreign invading forces commission in American Congress, John McCain, expressed that colossal financial losses and casualties were inflicted on their armed forces inside Afghanistan, and apparently it seems that the ongoing war will ultimately result in complete devastation for America.

Similarly, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) told in a report published on Saturday 30th July, that the puppet regime has lost control of five percent additional territory which is now controlled by Mujahidin.

Civilian losses and vexation by the enemy forces:

The innocent and helpless people of our country have been incessantly oppressed for the last fifteen years by both, the brutal foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces. This phenomenon did not change in the last month of July, wherein, no opportunity was missed to annoy and vex the masses. They have been mentally and physically tortured in different ways besides inflicting heavy financial losses and casualties on them.

In the recent past, the unrestrained ‘Gilum-Jum’ militia of notorious warlord General Dostam killed numerous people to the extent of genocide, in the disguise of mercenary armed forces of puppet regime in the northern areas. In retaliation to this excruciating situation, the chieftains of ‘Suripul’ province protested on Sunday 3rd July, that the unrestrained ‘Gilum-Jum’ militia is discriminately operating against a specific ethnic group in the north of the country. They added that members of this specific community are incessantly targeted, agonized and killed under the disguise of cleansing operations; while the heterogeneous setup has adopted complete silence on this plight of civilian people as there is no one to stop these unrestrained militiamen from their felonies.

On Sunday 31st July, a human right organization of the United Nations expressed its concern in a communique that Dostam militiamen are involved in unprecedented atrocities on Pashtun ethnic community in the north, by adding that immediate restrictions should be imposed on these forces to reduce the sufferings of civilian people.

On Wednesday 6th July, the very first day of Eid celebrations, a woman was brutally martyred and her son was injured by the mercenary forces in ‘Nadir Shah Kot’ district of ‘Khost’ province.

On Wednesday 20th July, twenty innocent civilians were martyred in the indiscriminate bombing of savage foreign invaders in ‘Maiwand’ district of ‘Kandahar’ province.

On Friday 22nd July, a funeral ceremony was indiscriminately attacked by the mercenary forces in ‘Said Khail’ district of ‘Parwan’ province, in which, tens of ordinary people were martyred and injured. Moreover, these servants of foreign crusaders incarcerated more than two hundred religious scholars and students under the lame excuse of security issues.

On Sunday 24th July, five members of one family were martyred and two others were injured in a mortar attack, randomly fired by the amateurish forces of puppet regime in ‘Dargad’ district of ‘Takhar’ province.

The above cases were only a handful out of a heap. For detailed information, one is advised to read monthly reports of civilian losses and casualties on ‘Alemara’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Magnificent ‘Eid Message’ of the Islamic Emirate:

On Saturday 2nd July, the Eid felicitation message of His Excellency Amir-ul-Mominin (head of the pious people) Moulavi Hibatullah Akhunzada (may Allah safeguard him), on the arrival of auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr (i.e Lesser Bairam) was published, in which, the continuation of current political and military struggles were stressed upon. This message clearly indicated that footsteps and policies of the deceased leaders of the Islamic Emirate will be followed.

In this glorious message, stance of the Islamic Emirate regarding military and political issues and bilateral relations with other countries were well-elaborated. Moreover, the devoted Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate were advised to conduct the helpless and oppressed civilians of our country even in a more benevolent and humane manner.

Freedom of Press and the Islamic Emirate:

Simultaneously with the occupation of our beloved homeland, most of the so called free journalist were hired by the foreign invaders. They started serving their foreign masters by directly opposing the lofty cause of Jihad and freedom loving people of our country, and violated and demolished all ethical and moral values. Despite these bitter realities, the Islamic Emirate has always insisted upon the freedom of press inside the jurisdiction of Islamic Sharia; and like all other people, the protection of journalists has been considered one of its foremost priorities.

Recently some reports were published that officials and in-security forces of puppet regime were found involved in beating the journalists and preventing them from bringing out some facts and figures which reveal the true face of stooge setup. As mentioned above, the Islamic Emirate has fully facilitated the journalists to gather information from all areas under Mujahidin control without being scared or threatened, but still some biased and hired journalists intentionally depict Taliban as intimidating and menacing their lives.

On Tuesday 12th July, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate told that we have no issue with any reporter who follows the principles of free journalism. He can visit all areas controlled by the Islamic Emirate without any fear and fright. Recently it has been disclosed that some reporters and media outlets are directly serving the objectives of intelligence organs of the enemy by getting huge amounts of salaries from them on regular basis.

In the field of Politics:

It was clearly expressed in the Eid felicitation message of Amir-ul-Mominin (may Allah safeguard) him, that military and political policies of the Islamic Emirate will be perpetuated and the recent developments will in no way affect them.

On Sunday 31st July, media reported that political representatives of the Islamic Emirate has visited China. The main purpose of this visit, which was arranged on the invitation of Chinese government, was to extend cordial relations with this neighboring country and to discuss issues of bilateral interest, especially elucidating the stance of the Islamic Emirate regarding the prolonged existence of foreign occupying forces inside Afghanistan.

Invaders’ commitment and deployment of additional forces:

Though apparently the foreign are retreating from battle-fields and depicting it as an inter-Afghan dilemma, but they are still committed to prolong this futile war.

On Saturday 9th July, the criminal crusade members of NATO alliance pledged to provide nearly a billion dollars to their mercenaries, in the disguise of add, but actually for prolonging the ongoing war inside Afghanistan till 2020.

On Wednesday 27th July, the American invaders told about sending 800 fresh troops to Afghanistan.

Though the foreign invaders and their internal stooges have suffered a humiliating defeat, therefore, the only objective behind these renewed pledges is nothing but to boost the morale of their mercenary forces who lost several key and strategic areas in the recent fighting against Mujahidin. And for this purpose, the brutal foreign invaders never hesitate to shed the blood of innocent Afghan masses.

Opposition with the existence of foreign invaders:

Though on one hand the foreign invaders are pledging to financially support their mercenary forces for prolonging the war inside Afghanistan, but on the other hand, some independent organs are strictly opposing the existence of foreign forces here.

On Wednesday 13th July, it was announced that the main impediment in restoring peace and stability in our country is the existence of foreign invaders.

On Friday 15th July, the renowned ‘Washington Post’ wrote an article in connection with the deployment of additional American forces inside Afghanistan by saying that this futile war is equally destructive for both Americans and the Afghan people.