Afghanistan in the month of January (2017)

N.B. In this article, only those news and incidents are covered which are admitted by the enemy too, and media outlets bear ample testimony about their confirmation. It should always be remembered that the devious enemy has left no stone unturned to distort the ground realities, not only for deceiving the innocent people of our […]

N.B. In this article, only those news and incidents are covered which are admitted by the enemy too, and media outlets bear ample testimony about their confirmation. It should always be remembered that the devious enemy has left no stone unturned to distort the ground realities, not only for deceiving the innocent people of our beloved homeland, but also for misleading their own masses. Therefore, for finding the prevailing ground realities and for evaluating the financial losses and casualties of foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, one is advised to visit ‘Alemarah’, the official website of the Islamic Emirate, on a regular basis.
January 2017, was as usually fraught with successes and achievements for Mujahidin. Though, it was the peak of winter season in our country, yet numerous minor and major attacks were carried out the enemy, in which, huge financial losses and casualties were inflicted on them. In the following lines, some of these incidents are elaborated under separate captions.
Losses of foreign invaders:
In January 2017, the wicked invading enemy preferred to remain confined to their bases and hideouts, therefore, Mujahidin could not seize an opportunity to ambush them and inflict casualties on them. During the whole span of this month, only once, they tried to send ground forces to ‘Farah’ province; but within a few days, they had to retreat and take asylum back in their military bases.
Though, in this month, the wicked foreign invaders could not dare to come out of their sanctuaries, but their military bases and hideouts were constantly under the missile attacks of our courageous Mujahidin, in which, substantial losses were inflicted on them, but the exact number of casualties suffered by them is still unknown.
Financial losses of the mercenary enemy:
On Tuesday 10th January, a huge blast took place inside the premises of governor house of Kandahar province, in which, several high ranking officials e.g. the deputy governor of this province, the liaison officer, senator of northern ‘Faryab’ province, MP (parliament member) of ‘Jozejan’ province and an Afghan diplomat base in US died on the spot and several other officials of stooge setup were injured. This deadliest blast was the explicit aftershock of deeply rooted internal differences among the various heterogeneous elements of puppet regime, and had no connection with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.
‘Omari’ Jihadi Operations:

In this month too, ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations were in full swing having significant achievements and successes for Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in various parts of the country.
According to a report of the so-called defense ministry of puppet regime, published on Monday 23rd January, overall 19000 minor and major attacks were carried out by Mujahidin against the mercenary forces of stooge admin during last ten months. On the other side, only 700 attacks have been launched by mercenary forces of stooge regime against Mujahidin in the same period. It is worth reminding that all those attacks carried out by the mercenary forces against the ordinary civilian people were labelled as operations against Mujahidin.
Numerous attacks were carried out in January against the savage foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces. Some of them are as following:
On Tuesday 10th January, the house of a high ranking national intelligence commander was brought under a meticulous collective attack by heroic Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate in ‘Lashkar-Gah’ city of ‘Helmand’ province when a crucial meeting was in progress among top ranking military and Arbaki commanders. In this attack, several of them were killed and wounded.
On the same day, several officials and workers of national intelligence were killed and wounded in two consecutive and successful attacks of Mujahidin inside Kabul city.
On Monday 30th January, the strategic ‘Sangeen’ district in ‘Helmand’ province was brought under severe attacks by Mujahidin. The wicked and stooge enemy was traumatized by the scale and precision of these attacks that the so-called executive chief of puppet regime had to rush to this area for boasting the morale of their embarrassed and defeated forces. In this fighting not only tens of enemy’s forces were killed and wounded, but also vast areas were liberated and controlled by Mujahidin.
Torture of civilian people by mercenary forces:

Instead of ending the incessant process of irritation and torture of oppressed and helpless civilian people by brutal foreign invaders and their internal mercenary forces, rather it has been widened by prompting lingual and ethnic hatred and vengeance among various groups. According to a report published by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, during last year, the American invading forces were responsible for 77% civilian losses, the Islamic Emirate for 12%, while ‘Daish’ was found involved in the remaining percentage of these losses and casualties.
In January too, in various incidents, civilian people were killed and wounded and cruelly treated by mercenary forces of puppet regime.
On 1st January, media reported that a woman was kidnapped by a notorious corps commander in ‘Ghazni’ province. The report added that it was not an unprecedented felony committed by the said commander in this area, but in several other cases, the chastity and honor of local people were violated, by him and the unrestrained armed groups related to him.
On Wednesday 4th January, a student of Kabul University was ruthlessly martyred by the security forces of ‘Qara-Bagh’ district of ‘Ghazni’ province by falsely accusing his father for inviting Taliban for lunch or dinner.
On Sunday 7th January, 13 coal-mine workers were relentlessly martyred by the unrestrained local Arbaki militiamen in ‘Tala-Barfak’ district of ‘Baghlan’ province.
On Thursday 12th January, the American invading forces announced and admitted that 33 civilian were killed by them in November 2016 while defending themselves, by adding that they were not liable for this barbaric act to any organ, neither inside the occupied country nor outside.
The above number of people were actually martyred in ‘Kunduz’ province. Previously, it was claimed that all the people killed were actually Taliban fighters.
On Friday 13th January, the house of a local chieftain was raided by American invaders collaborated by their internal mercenary forces at night time in ‘Ghani’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province, in which, six innocent people were martyred and several others were incarcerated by them. For the justification of this savage act, the foreign invaders claimed that all of them were armed opponents. But just two days later, the investigation, carried out by the independent ‘Afghan Islamic News Agency’, disclosed that all the victims of this tragic incident were innocent local people.
On Thursday 19th January, an innocent boy and a civilian, recently returned from Saudi Arabia, were ruthlessly martyred by the personal body-guards of the so-called governor of ‘Logar’ province.
On Saturday 21st January, a grenade was thrown by police-force in the midst of boys in ‘Farah’ province, in which, two of them martyred.
Extension of illegitimate occupation:
On Thursday 5th January, Turkey, a partner and supporter of occupying forces inside Afghanistan, announced the extension of her role for two more years.
On Saturday 7th January, it was announced that 200 more American marines will be deployed in the embattled ‘Helmand’ province; and, just two days later, came the announcement of sending 200 additional American marines to ‘Farah’ province. But realizing their ineffectiveness against Mujahidin’s assaults, it took them no time in returning to their safe hidey-holes.
On Tuesday 31st January, it was told, while quoting the so-called foreign ministry of puppet regime, that Indonesian government has assured to assist in training the mercenary forces of stooge admin in fighting against the oppressed and innocent people of this war-weary country.
Israel’s involvement in Afghanistan:

The presence of fifty, or even more, occupying countries and their contribution in the futile but bloody war against the Muslim masses of Afghanistan is a manifest reality known to everyone. But ………
On Wednesday 18th January, another alarming and bitter reality was disclosed by a magazine dedicated to the Israeli defense issues, by stating that an Israeli drone, called Heron 1, has completed 30 thousand flights in Afghan space; while German forces will use these drones in the ongoing crusade war against the Muslim and freedom loving people of this country till 2018.
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Wide-spread corruption:
On Monday 2nd January, for the first time, a minister of the heterogeneous setup, formed by John Kerry, was kicked out for his involvement in corruption which is widely spread throughout the puppet regime.
On Monday 9th January, a recorded voice of the so-called education minister of puppet regime was leaked by media, in which, he discusses the mechanism of distribution of embezzled money among his team members, a gang of looters and plunderers. But it seems that no action was taken by the outspoken but powerless president against this minister, due to his strong support from various circles within the stooge admin.
Russian reaction against the permanent bases:
In the beginning, Russia had extended her support to the invading countries by supplying them arms and other logistics.
On Monday 2nd January, for the first time, the Russian special envoy for Afghanistan told that the presence of permanent American military bases inside Afghanistan is in no way acceptable for Russia. But in a short span of less than one month, an abrupt change in their stance was realized when their special envoy for Afghanistan told that Russia does not want the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
Democracy and freedom of speech in Kabul:
On Thursday 12th January, in a conference in Kabul, Abdul Hakeem Mujahid, the deputy of so-called peace council, pointed out the achievements and restoration of peace and stability during the reign of the Islamic Emirate, by adding that Mr. Rabbani had himself called Taliban ‘the pigeons of peace’. This quote became a bolt from the blue for the stooge officials of puppet regime and Mujahid was not only sacked from his post, but ‘Atta Noor’, a high ranking warlord in the stooge admin, recommended his incarceration too.
Areas controlled by the Islamic Emirate:
On Tuesday 3rd January, Mujahidin declared that, for the time being, more than fourteen districts of the country are completely controlled by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan; while tens of other towns and districts are either more than half controlled by Mujahidin or strongly besieged by them as the enemy can make no movements in or outside those areas.
Resolve of the Islamic Emirate:
In the recent past, the local people of ‘Kunar’ province constantly complained against some regional warlords about the uncontrolled deforestation in this province. The dependent setup in Kabul tried its best to stop the illegal trade of woods, but it was all in-vain.
On Monday 2nd January, all forests inside the country were announced as national assets by Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate and the deforestation process was banned especially in ‘Shegal’ district of this province; and this illegal trade was completed stopped thereafter.
Political activities of the Islamic Emirate:
As specified in previous months’ reports, besides the forceful military and Jihadi activities, the Islamic Emirate has taken dynamic and significant steps on political front too.
On Wednesday 25th January, an open letter was sent by spokesman of the Islamic Emirate to the newly elected American president, by demanding him to disclose and clarify the real American ambitions behind the illegitimate occupation of Afghanistan. He clearly stated while addressing Trump that Afghans are freedom loving people and believe in peaceful co-existence, and added that one can easily learn from the history of this country that it cannot be subjugated for long.
Revenues of the Islamic Emirate:
It was clearly stated in the past that main sources of income for the Islamic Emirate are either its gains and booties from the enemy forces, or some financial support by the pious and freedom loving well-off people of our beloved homeland.
On Wednesday 25th January, the so-called deputy governor of ‘Helmand’ province told that 90% revenues of ‘Kajaki’ power supply dam are collected and enjoyed by Taliban. Previously too, some stooge officials of puppet regime told that the revenues of power supply in some districts of southern provinces are received by Taliban, which is totally wrong.