Afghanistan in the month of August (2016)

(N.B. This article comprises of only those incidents and casualties which are confirmed and admitted by the enemy too. It is worth-mentioning as well that for the extensive information about the severity of Mujahidin’s attacks on foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces, and the numerous losses suffered by them, it is recommended […]

(N.B. This article comprises of only those incidents and casualties which are confirmed and admitted by the enemy too. It is worth-mentioning as well that for the extensive information about the severity of Mujahidin’s attacks on foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces, and the numerous losses suffered by them, it is recommended that the official website of the Islamic Emirate should be visited on regular basis.)

Besides several other achievements, August 2016 was fraught with the conquest of various districts throughout the country, in which, heavy casualties and financial losses were inflicted on the brutal foreign invaders and their local stooge forces. In the following lines, detailed information is provided about these incidents and losses.

Casualties of foreign invaders:

As the defeated foreign invaders returned to the battle field, they were confronted with the well-coordinated attacks of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, in which, a significant number of foreign soldiers were killed and wounded. But, as usual, the devious foreign enemy admitted only two of their casualties. And in this way, the total number of foreign soldiers killed inside Afghanistan reached to 3520, comprising 2384 Americans and 455 British troops. But this is the number which is confessed by the wicked foreign enemy and is provided to the media by them. On the contrary, the account of eye-witnesses and the reports received from the warm battle-fields indicates that the amount of financial losses and casualties inflicted on brutal foreign forces is several times higher than the one admitted by them.

On Monday 8th August, a convoy of foreign invaders was attacked by Mujahidin in ‘Behsud’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province. Though the enemy released that only two of their soldiers were wounded in the incident; but in reality, six of their soldiers were killed in that deadly attack.

On Monday 22nd August, another convoy of foreign forces was ambushed in ‘Bagram’ district of ‘Kabul’ province, in which, heavy losses and casualties were inflicted on them. And a day later, Mujahidin launched massive attack on the capital city of ‘Helmond’ province, in which, several foreign invaders were killed and wounded; though, only two casualties were confirmed by them.

Losses and casualties of internal stooge enemy:

The stooge enemy not only lost several districts, strategic bases and vast areas throughout the country, but colossal financial losses and casualties were also inflicted by them. Though, extensive and detailed information about their casualties is not possible here, but in the following lines, we disclose a handful examples out of a heap which reveal the immensity of their losses in the battle fields.

On Monday 1st August, the defense ministry of puppet regime reported that 21 soldiers of their mercenary army were killed in the previous twenty four hours.

On Wednesday 3rd August, the defense ministry of stooge setup once again announced that they have lost 15 more mercenary soldiers in various parts of the country.

On Tuesday 30th August, the above mentioned ministry of puppet regime admitted that 11 officials of this ministry were killed in the last twenty four hours.

So, it can easily be assessed from the reports released by the enemy themselves, that hundreds of defense ministry officials were killed in this month in addition to the losses and casualties suffered by the mercenary soldiers, police forces and the notorious Arbaki militiamen.

Moreover, on Monday 1st August, the puppet regime admitted that tens of their mercenary soldiers are missing in fighting in ‘Naad Ali’ district of ‘Helmond’ province. And a day later, media reported that the security commander of ‘Khawaja Sabz Posh’ district in ‘Faryab’ province is killed.

On Tuesday 16th August, the security chief of the center of ‘Ghor’ province died due to the injuries he had suffered earlier.

On Friday 26th August, 22 incarcerated local soldiers who were to be released by Mujahidin, became the target of indiscriminate bombing of brutal foreign invaders, and were killed on the occasion.

Admission of defeat by the enemy:

Though previously, the enemy had admitted on various occasions that they have failed and the ongoing war inside Afghanistan is indomitable.

In this connection, on Sunday 7th August, an American newspaper, The Los Angeles Times, reported that the ongoing Afghan war is the longest and most futile war in American history, and none of the present presidential candidates is ready to speak candidly about it.

In addition, on Friday 19th August, the officials of stooge admin confessed the strength and intensity of Mujahidin by admitting that they had significantly achieved during their widespread ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations, by adding that fighting has reached on the verges of Helmond, Kunduz, Baghlan, Ghazni and Laghman provinces.

The ‘Omari’ spring Jihadi operations:

The spring ‘Omari’ Jihadi operations were profoundly going on even in the month of August, in which, besides various other achievements, several districts and their centers were also conquered and liberated from the enemy. In the following lines, some of these incidents are elaborated.

On Monday 1st August, a guest house of foreign invaders in the heart of Kabul was brought under a meticulous attack of Mujahidin, in which, huge premises were demolished and tens of foreigners were killed and wounded.

On Wednesday 3rd August, ‘Chanjeer’ area in ‘Naad Ali’ district in ‘Helmond’ province was captured by Mujahidin.

In the series of these conquests, on Friday 12th August, after a heavy battle, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate successfully managed to conquer and liberate ‘Garam Sair’ district in ‘Helmond’ province.

Two days later, ‘Vant Vigal’ district of ‘Nuristan’ province came under Mujahidin’s control, and the former head of provincial council of this province also confirmed that this district was captured by Mujahidin with the support of local civilian people.

Simultaneously, ‘Dahna Ghorie’ district of ‘Baghlan’ province was evacuated by the mercenary forces as they could not resist the heavy blows of Mujahidin.

On Monday 22nd August, white flags of the Islamic Emirate were hoisted on ‘Khawaja Ghar’ district of ‘Takhar’ province, including all its suburban military posts.

Subsequently, on Saturday 27th August, ‘Jani Khail’ district of ‘Paktia’ province was captured by Mujahidin, in which, a huge amount of ammunition and heavy weapons was seized.

Torture of civilian people by the enemy:

Torture and vexation of ordinary helpless and defenseless people who are always vulnerable for the enemy’s retaliation, remained incessant in the month of August as usual.

On Wednesday 3rd August, the local wicked police force opened indiscriminate firing in ‘Rodaat’ district of ‘Nangarhar’ province on the recently repatriated refugees from Pakistan.

On Friday 12th August, the savage foreign invaders relentlessly bombed an ordinary civilian house in ‘Khoshamand’ district of ‘Paktika’ province, in which, twelve persons of one family, including children and women, were martyred.

On Monday 22nd August, the workers of power supply department in ‘Kunduz’ province were indiscriminately bombed by the brutal foreign invaders while they were repairing power supply lines which were previously damaged during fighting in the area.

Stooge setup and the stigma of selling arms:

The number of unrestrained and armed groups are increasing day by day and the belongings of ordinary people is looted and plundered in broad day light. The main reason behind this phenomenon is that the officials of puppet regime are involved in selling those arms and ammunition which is provided to them for safeguarding and protecting the civilian people. Sometime ago, media reported that ten thousand Kalashnikovs were provided by Russia to the stooge admin of Kabul for the prolongation of inter Afghan killing.

On one hand, Mujahidin’s infiltration is significantly soared in the ranks of puppet regime; and on the other hand, due the augmented level of corruption and fraud inside the stooge setup, these guns are easily accessible for Mujahidin. It is said that nearly 800 of these weapons are currently under Taliban usage.

Stance of the Islamic Emirate regarding public properties:

The enemy has left no stone unturned in defaming Mujahidin through biased and false propaganda against them by perplexing people’s minds that Taliban are counter to schools, bridges and other public places. But it has been frequently reiterated by the Islamic Emirate that we are never contrary to the above mentioned services and the reconstruction of the country; rather we have taken major steps in restoring and preserving these facilities in the areas under our control and the ordinary people are the best witness for this evident fact.

In the recent past, the ‘Alchin’ bridge in ‘Kunduz’ province was bombed and destroyed by the brutal foreign invaders for halting Mujahidin from entering the area. But quite shamelessly, the enemy did not hesitated from blaming Taliban for this felony.

In retaliation, the Islamic Emirate once again reiterated its stance about the restoration and preservation of schools, bridges and all likewise places of public interest, by attributing all such perverted facts to the false and deceitful propaganda campaign of both the foreign invaders and their internal mercenary setup.

Mounting rivalries inside the heterogeneous setup:

Disputes and rows over the privileges and power sharing mechanism has increased than ever in August between the two major share-holders of this dependent and stooge setup. Recently, the so called executive head, Doctor Abdullah expressed in retaliation to the indifference behavior of ‘Ashraf Ghani’ towards him that he is ineligible for being president any more.

The main bone of contention for having increased privileges and rights is the appointment of two heterogeneous heads on one post, which has clogged the whole system and its repercussions have echoed even in the north of the county where the two major warring fictions (i.e. Jameat and Junbish) have collared each other.

Masters in rescue of mercenaries:

As ‘Helmond’ province is on the verge of collapse and the mercenary forces have utterly failed in defending it, their foreign lords have re-entered the arena to rescue and sustain the mercenary forces.

On Sunday 21st August, 300 American invading troops were dispatched to the besieged ‘Helmond’ province, for confrontation with courageous Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, by backing and protecting the demoralized local mercenary forces against the crushing blows of Mujahidin.

But no sooner did the foreign invaders entered the area, than they were brought under meticulous and deadly attacks of Mujahidin, and as confessed by them, two of their soldiers were killed and several others were injured. But on the basis of authentic information received from the battle-field, it is said that nearly ten foreign troops have been killed, though the wicked enemy has not admitted it yet.