January 30, 2023

Afghanistan cannot be bombed to a resolution

Afghanistan cannot be bombed to a resolution

Despite the signing of an agreement with the United States to terminate the occupation of Afghanistan and the launch of intra-Afghan dialogue, reports are emerging about an increase in American airstrikes amid the atmosphere of peace building.

The Doha agreement bars the United States from conducting excessive bombings, drone strikes, night raids and other military activities, but the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate Mr. Qari Yousuf Ahmadi remarked a few days earlier that America has carried out drone strikes in non-combat zones spanning multiple provinces, a clear violation of the accord.

Although the US military has continually bombed our country for the past nineteen years, from the use of B52 bombers to an array of other modern attack aircrafts, helicopters and drones all the way up to the use of other death tools including biological and banned weapons, yet they have not gained any tangible results in spite inflicting mass misery. The outcome of these prolonged and failed experiments should have imparted a lesson that airstrikes cannot bring about solutions and neither can Afghanistan be bombed to a resolution.

All airstrikes contravening the Doha agreement will not serve any purpose other than highlight and hold America accountable in the Afghan issue. The recurrence of such violations will show the entire world that America is either unable or unwilling to honor its commitments and such a narrative will manifest itself as the moral failure for America after its military and political defeat in Afghanistan, introducing America as a hypocritically duplicitous global power.

The Islamic Emirate considers the Doha agreement an achievement and opportunity for both sides – an opportunity that must not be lost but kept and reinforced through adherence of all commitments. The Islamic Emirate once again calls on America that breaching the Doha agreement does not serve the interest of any party, therefore the repeat of such violations must be immediately stopped.

We believe that just as all military strategies employed by the invaders over the course of nineteen years failed to suppress the legitimate struggle and call for independence of our believing people, all those obstructing the end of occupation and peace cannot become a barrier for the freedom of our people through war-mongering tactics.

The Islamic Emirate calls on all parties seeking peace in Afghanistan to take the issue of violations of the Doha agreement by America seriously and to monitor closely implementation of the accord. The Islamic Emirate is approaching the issue responsibility in line with its ethical principles and calls the other side towards the same.


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