February 06, 2023

Afghan peace and American delay tactics

Afghan peace and American delay tactics

US President Joe Biden had made clear in his first press conference that although he cannot picture US troops in Afghanistan next year, abiding by the May 1 deadline would be hard.

The Islamic Emirate responded firmly to Biden’s comments and announced that if the occupying forces do not leave by the agreed upon date, then attacks shall resume.

The US and NATO are presently victim to severe confusion and distress. This is because if, in accordance to the Doha agreement, America leaves Afghanistan, the Kabul administration shall collapse. On the other hand, if they should violate the agreement, then war will be renewed. Any deal made with the Taliban regarding a six-month extension is also of no benefit.

According to intelligence reports presented to Joe Biden, withdrawal of foreign forces is synonymous to the collapse of the quisling administration. It is in light of this situation that the US has begun efforts for a political settlement between the Islamic Emirate and Kabul administration. For them, an honorable exit is in the establishment of a joint government comprising of the Taliban, present quislings and various political parties in Afghanistan.

The Americans wish for governance to be equally distributed between the Islamic Emirate and democracy. The question, however, arises as to whether the pure aspirations for which Afghans have offered continuous sacrifice for can be fulfilled through such a system?

Democracy must not be put forth as an infallible solution to all problems. Why should no other system of governance be given precedence? Importantly, why must a system with foreign roots be forcefully implemented in Afghanistan when Afghans possess a superior model of governance?

Furthermore, Afghans have repeatedly witnessed ridiculous democratic elections in Afghanistan. Would they then trust such a system? To repeat failed experiences is not at all wise. Afghans possess the right to establish a system according to their aspirations in an independent, Islamic country. The people of Afghanistan are Muslims and therefore a communist, democratic or other non-Islamic forms of governance are unwanted. Attempts to enforce such systems have proven unsuccessful too.

The Afghan people have sacrificed their homes, wealth and lives but have not yielded to the invaders. Therefore, with the end of the illegal occupation, it is only befitting that a system suitable to their aspirations be established. Prudence demands that America abides by the Doha agreement and allows Afghans to agree upon the establishment of an Islamic system.

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