January 29, 2023

Active diplomacy of the Islamic Emirate

Active diplomacy of the Islamic Emirate

Just as the Islamic Emirate has proven itself a resolute, enduring and unbreakable military force against a two-decade foreign occupation, it has similarly demonstrated its manifest presence through political interactions and diplomacy.

The political representatives of the Islamic Emirate in Qatar hold near daily meetings with officials of a diverse range of countries, organizations and societies as well as with influential international, regional and domestic figures. Even as intra-Afghan peace negotiations are forging ahead, this outreach has not impacted the domestic and international political interactions and active diplomatic engagements of the Islamic Emirate, rather they are continuing as usual.

On top of visiting a host of world countries, the delegations of Islamic Emirate have also made trips to neighboring countries such as China, Iran and Uzbekistan at various intervals. In the continuation of this practice, a senior delegation of the Islamic Emirate led by the Political Deputy and Chief of Political Office, H.E. Mullah Baradar Akhund, traveled to the neighboring country Pakistan where they held meetings with the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and other political officials.

Pakistan is a key neighbor of Afghanistan as people of both nations share strong common bonds, millions of Afghan refugees reside in Pakistan and a great many also travel there for work and education. Maintaining political relations with such a country is of vital importance for the Islamic Emirate which controls majority of Afghanistan, so that it may exchange views as a representative force and exert efforts in ameliorating problems of refugees, traders and other classes.

A number of antagonists that presented the Afghan Mujahid nation and Islamic Emirate as a minuscule supposed rebellious or terrorist group and fantasized of ruling over this proud nation with the support of foreigners in the initial years of the American invasion, now have their dreams dashed as the truth, military prowess and political prestige of the Islamic Emirate begins shining on world stage. They are thus unable and unwilling to acknowledge this light of truth and reality, and prefer burning the fire of bitterness and envy.

But they must understand that truth cannot remain buried in the haze of dust indefinitely. Everyone now acknowledges the Islamic Emirate as an indisputable reality, and the active diplomacy of the Islamic Emirate has also played a role in persuading the region and world that the Islamic Emirate is a responsible party able to coexist in harmony with regional and global countries in the future in a manner that both safeguards the sacred Jihadic aspirations of our believing nation and blesses our homeland with Islamic system, peace, independence and development.

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