November 29, 2022

Acting Minister of Higher Education Meets Turkish Ambassador

Acting Minister of Higher Education Meets Turkish Ambassador

KABUL, Nov. 10 – Acting Minister of Higher Education Sheikh-ul-Hadith Mawlawi Neda Mohammad met with the Turkish Ambassador, Cihad Erginay in his office, today.

Acting Minister of Higher Education, welcomed Turkish ambassador and thanked Turkey for its assistance in the education sector with Afghanistan adding that the Islamic Emirate and Ministry of Higher Education is committed to modern education and the development of the country within the framework of Sharia and is making efforts to enrich this sector.


The Acting Minister of Higher Education called Afghanistan and Turkey friendly countries from religious aspects and asked the Turkish ambassador to cooperate more with Afghanistan in the field of education.

The Turkish ambassador in Kabul, Jihad Argin Ay, gave information about the educational and educational activities of this country in Afghanistan and promised more assistance in the educational sector, referring to the future of the friendship between Turkey and Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that during this meeting, both sides discussed the nature of scholarships, online education and bilateral scientific and academic cooperation.

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