December 03, 2022

A legendary leader, the Omar of our time

A legendary leader, the Omar of our time

Today is the 7th year since the passing away of Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him) — the Omar who shall forever be celebrated as the Imam of freedom, the idol smasher, the one who followed the footsteps of Caliphs Omar bin Khattab and Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz and earned the title of Omar the Third.

“I am considering two promises. One is the promise of Allah  and the other is that of Bush. The promise of Allah is that my land is vast. If you start a journey on Allah’s path, you can reside anywhere on this earth and will be protected… The promise of Bush is that there is no place on earth where you can hide that I cannot find you. We will see which one of these two promises is fulfilled”.

When the Americans invaded Afghanistan in 2001, the leader of the faithful Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him) made this historical statement which still reverberate across the globe due to its truthfulness. It is the 7th year of his passing and after more than 18 years, we saw the signing of the historical February 29th 2020 agreement which is the result of the sacrifices of leaders like Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him).

The late Leader of the Faithful was man who stood up against injustice, tyranny and bigotry. He led a movement which saved Afghanistan from darkness of lawlessness, corruption and criminal warlords. He was someone who gave Afghans a government under Shariah which was the lawful wish of the common Afghans and it was something unprecedented in the modern history of Afghanistan. It is because of his historical stand in front the global coalition of invaders under the leadership of the Americans that Afghans resisted and brought down another idol of this age. Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid (may Allah have mercy on him) showed that Afghans will never bow down before any foreigner and will giver precedence to Islamic values above anything else. He treaded the path of the forefathers of Afghans like Ahmad Shah Abdali, Mirwais Khan Hotak, Mehmod Ghaznavi and others.

Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid proved to be a leader who kept united Afghanistan and achieved exemplary security throughout the land until the American invasion. His rule reminded everyone about Omar Ibn Abdul Aziz.

The name of Mullah Muhammad Omar will be cemented forever in the history of Afghanistan and Islam as the person who stood against a global coalition for their injustice and criminality and led a war of resistance with no materialistic help and against all odds. The American invaders must understand that the soldiers of Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid will continue following his path and remain steadfast unless America acknowledges her defeat and withdraws as per the agreement, otherwise this war shall continue until their forceful expulsion because every single Mujahid shall be an Omar for the Americans.

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