October 04, 2022

90-year-old land conflict resolved in Khost

90-year-old land conflict resolved in Khost

KHOST, Apr. 5Al-Emarah News said Wednesday the Dispute Resolution Commission of the Islamic Emirate settled a 90-year long enmity between two tribes at meeting in Sabri district of Khost province on Tuesday.

The enmity between the two tribes over land dispute continued for over 9 decades causing a great deal of suffering and trouble for people from both tribes.

The Islamic Emirate’s Dispute Resolution Commission for the legal and social problems of the public held a peace and reconciliation meeting in the said district yesterday and ended the dispute continued over a period of more than 90 years.

The tribesmen appreciated the step taken by the Islamic Emirate and expressed joy and satisfaction over the reconciliation efforts that ended a 90-year long dispute between two huge tribes.

The commission has so far ended a number of personnel enmities, resolving slight and major disputes and feud that disturbed the peace of the region.

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