January 30, 2023

9 killed, over 11 injured in eastern Afghanistan 

9 killed, over 11 injured in eastern Afghanistan 

NANGARHAR, Mar. 8 –  The Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen launched attacks on the center of the district of Mohammad Darah and its checkpoints in Nangarhar province, killing 3 puppets and leaving 6 more wounded.

In the province’s Ghani Khel district, 2 policemen were killed ounded as Mujahideen attacked a checkpoint on Wednesday night while a further 2 puppets were killed and 3 more injured with vehicle destroyed when Mujahideen conducted an attack on the enemy post elsewhere in the said district late yesterday night. A vehicle as also destroyed in the attack.

In the province’s Bati Kot district, 2 commanders were wounded in a surprise attack by Mujahdieen on Wednesday night.

Also Wednesday, Mujahideen counterattacked the enemy offensive in Surkh Rowd district of Nangarhar province, sparking a heavy fighting that lasted for hours, killing 4 enemy commandos and leaving many more wounded, while a Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom with two more wounded in yesterday’s operation.

Later, the enemy targeted the residential area using heavy weapons that inflicted heavy losses on the civilians.

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