January 28, 2023

9 killed in Paktia

9 killed in Paktia

 PAKTIA, Oct. 20 – An enemy soldier was killed in an attack on the enemy’s military base, and a post also came under attack with a vehicle destroyed in a bomb attack in Gardiz city, the capital of Paktia province, whereas the suffered more losses of life and injuries in Mujahideen attacks on the army units.

In another report, 3 puppets including an officer sustained wounds in attack on a post, while a police was wounded in a similar attack.

In another report, a puppet while standing guard outside a base was shot dead.

Furthermore, 2 puppets were killed and 3 got injured following an attack on an army post in Patan district of Paktia province and 3 commanders were killed and 4 more wounded in a bomb attack in Zurmat district of the province, while an enemy soldier was shot dead in the said district shortly afterwards

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