February 06, 2023

9 injured in Mujahideen attacks

9 injured in Mujahideen attacks

 NURISTAN, Apr. 27 – Late Thursday Mujahideen targeted the headquarters of the district of Noorgram, Nuristan province in which 7 puppets suffered wounds.

Early Friday, Mujahideen raided an enemy military unit in Kamdish district of the province but there is no information on the enemy casualty toll

In a report from neighboring province of Kunar, Mujahideen stormed the intelligence agency in Kunar province’s Surkani district on Thursday causing the enemy heavy toll whereas the enemy pounded the residential areas following Mujahideen attack in which the villagers suffered heavy losses.

Separately, 2 puppets were wounded in exchange of fire with Mujahideen in Nari district of Kunar province on Thursday evening.

Early today, Mujahideen shelled an enemy base in the province capital of Kunar province, causing the enemy heavy toll.

Also Friday, Mujahideen targeted an enemy base in Ghaziabad district of Kunar province, leaving a puppet wounded, while a post came under Mujahideen later in the morning, causing the enemy further losses.

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