February 06, 2023

84 arrested as 4 posts, 5 bases overrun in Baghlan

84 arrested as 4 posts, 5 bases overrun in Baghlan

BAGHLAN, May. 06 – Amid ongoing Al Fath Operations Mujahideen attacked enemy positions in Shahr Kuhna area of Markazi Baghlan district afternoon hours yesterday.

Details say, 3 bases and 2 posts were overrun after 33 enemy personnel including commander Akramuddin have surrendered, seizing over 50 units of heavy and light arms.

Similarly, Seyad Kamal base, Kuhna Kala base and Muhammadullah post have been overrun by Mujahideen earlier today, arresting 45 puppets including a hireling commander and confiscating  31 rifles, 3 PK machine guns, 3 binoculars, 3 tanks and other military equipment.

Likewise Mujahideen have taken over a post in Kuhma Kala area, arresting 6 puppets including commander Feroz, seizingn5 AK rifles, 1 PK machine gun and a ranger pickup.

Morever, Mujahideen have entered strategic Kuhna Bazar area of the said district where they have overrun a police station, confiscating 1 tank, 2 rangers and 2 vehicles.

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