December 06, 2022

8 killed and wounded in Gerishk

8 killed and wounded in Gerishk

HELMAND, Feb. 13 – At least 4 Arbakis were killed amid a gunfight prompted after Mujahideen assaulted a check post in Saminar area of Gerishk district.

2 Mujahideen were also wounded while another one embraced martyrdom during the operation.

Similarly, Mujahideen also attacked a police checkpoint in Awpashak Manda area of the said district overnight, leaving 3 police killed and wounded.

Another trooper was shot and killed by a sniper close to Haji Abdul Aziz pump area of the same district on Monday.

Separately, invaders have heavily bombarded Kandam Rez area of Kajaki district, causing serious losses to civilian.

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