February 03, 2023

8 civilians martyred, 14 injured

8 civilians martyred, 14 injured

 LAGHMAN, Oct. 1 – Sadly, a mother and two of her children were horrifically martyred and 2 of her children were injured when one of the mortar rounds fired by the enemy hit them.

Likewise, the enemy pounded the civilians’ houses with the mortar rounds in which several houses were damaged and 5 members of a family were injured.

In a similar attack, 3 civilians were martyred and 7 more were wounded in the enemy mortar shelling in Alingar district of Laghman province.

In a report from northern Balkh province, 2 civilians were brutally martyred and their shops were set on fire by the enemy during their latest waves of aggression in Kashindih district of north Balkh province.

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