February 06, 2023

7 October 19 years later

7 October 19 years later

Azzam Muhajir

While the sun of hopes had just dawned at the horizon of the country and the compatriots had tasted the sweetness of life, peace and prosperity after a long dark era of turmoil and strife where the life, wealth and honor of Afghan nation was but a greasy morsel for werewolves at arbitrary checkpoints — US forces and their counterparts invaded our beloved country on the 7th of October 2001, under the pretext of a global war on terrorism. The invading forces did not give the right of life to its opponents, the Taliban, and proudly declared that they either be killed or thrown into prisons. And to prove their loyalty to the foreign forces, some Afghan puppets pleaded with them to drop even larger bombs on the Taliban.

Since the Afghan nation had extensive experience in the guerilla war, crushing the skulls of invaders and driving them out of their soil, the foreign occupying forces faced an indomitable response from the Afghans as the entire country turned into a boiling pot for them. During this prolonged conflict in which almost every type of weapon was used against the empty-handed Mujahideen, still the invaders faced an inglorious defeat and the brave Afghan nation brought them to their knees.

Now, after 19 years of intense war, the ones who had come with excessive pride are begging for the mercy of those whom, according to them, did not have the right to live. They realized that the best way of end this ignominy is to offer the opposition an alternative of war, peace. Thus, they sat around the table with the Taliban, hoping to gain on the table what little they could not in the battlefield. But here also luck did not favor them and the Taliban handed them an exemplary lesson.

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