October 05, 2022

7 killed, arms seized in Khost province

7 killed, arms seized in Khost province

KHOST, Aug. 11 – At least five puppets were killed and many others wounded follow an enemy offensive attempting to break Mujahideen siege of Musa Khel district of Khost province on Wednesday night. Two Mujahideen fighters were also martyred with another two wounded in the operation went on for hours.

In the meanwhile, Mujahideen captured from the enemy 2 PK (heavy antitank machine guns)5 US-made automatic machine guns and various kinds of ammo.

In another report, a roadside bombing hit and destroyed an armored tank in Nadir Shah Kot district of the province on Wednesday night, leaving all those aboard dead and wounded.


Also Monday, a commando officer and a soldier were killed in a surprise attack in Musa Khel district of this province on Wednesday nigh

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