February 03, 2023

7 killed, another surrenders in Zabul

7 killed, another surrenders in Zabul

ZABUL, Mar. 09 – A hireling trooper was shot and killed on the spot in Hazar Khelo area of Arghandab district earlier today.

Meanwhile, Mujahideen attacked an enemy check post in Hasan Khelo area of Shajoy district, inflecting seizures toll on to enemy.

Moreover, at least 2 puppets were killed in a Mujahideen attack in Jeldak area of Shahr-e-Safa district.

A Mujahid is said to have been wounded and another one martyred in the operation.

Furthermore, at least 4 puppets have been killed, a PKM machine gun and 2 rifles seized by Mujahideen in Takair area of Maizana district earlier today.

Separately, an Arbaki gunman has repented his mistakes and left enemy ranks in Kocheni Shara area of Seyuri district yesterday.

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