September 27, 2022

6th of Jaddi, Beginning of the Afghan Tragedy or Annihilation of the Invaders

6th of Jaddi, Beginning of the Afghan Tragedy or Annihilation of the Invaders

It is a fact that on 6th of Jaddi 1358  (27 December 1979) is considered as the beginning of the Afghan tragedy because on this day, the former Soviet Union directly invaded the blessed land of the oppressed Afghan nation with the help of few unpopular people contrary to all international and human norms and values. As a result, the Afghan nation faced numerous sufferings and miseries. Millions of people were martyred while millions of others were handicapped and wounded. Moreover, millions of people migrated whereas their cities, villages and homes turned into ruins. But despite these miseries and sufferings, the Afghans continued their sacred Jihad with great courage and steadfastness. They courageously defended and protected their blessed soil and religious and national values. Therefore it is the result of those sacrifices that today Afghanistan and the Afghan nation is not only still there rather it has a proud history of defeating the red dragon.

This is one side of the story but if we look into the other side of the issue, 6th of Jaddi is in fact the beginning of the historical defeat of the invaders and the oppressors. Despite that Afghans faced many big challenges and miseries but they also crushed the invaders of the time and wiped them off from the map of the world. The great empire, from which forces equipped with sophisticated weapons across the globe feared but as a result of the sacrifices and heroism of the miserable and Mujahid Afghan nation, Allah, the Almighty turn them as a part of the history.

Invasion of the Afghan nation is in fact playing with own physical and just existence. Therefore, the current invaders should take lesson from the past history. There is still time and opportunity to end occupation and to leave the Afghans to make their own decisions about their future. Otherwise, victory of truth against falsehood is imminent and the Afghan soil is the graveyard of the empires.

It is to be mentioned that as the Afghan nation has always stood against oppression and invasions likewise, they not only believe rather prefer to resolve disputes and problems through dialogue and peaceful means.

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