January 30, 2023

6 U.S invaders, 3 local soldiers killed in Logar 

6 U.S invaders, 3 local soldiers killed in Logar 

LOGAR, Aug. 5 – Al-Emarah News said a series of Mujahideen direct shooting and bomb attacks killed 6 U.S aggressors and 3 local commandos while wounding scores of the joint enemy military personnel in Baraki Barak district of Logar province in the afternoon hours of Saturday. Two armored tanks were destroyed in today’s operation.

Reports added the joint enemy offensive ended in a rout, whereas the ambulance helicopters arrived at scene to transfer the dead and wounded.

In the recent times, the U.S occupation forces have escalated their military operations across Afghanistan, involving in battles in the frontlines that led to inflicting heavy losses of life and injuries on U.S aggressors.

This is contrary to what the top US generals say about the role of the U.S military personnel only in training local forces in Afghanistan.

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