December 06, 2022

6 killed, 7 injured in country’s east

6 killed, 7 injured in country’s east

 NANGARHAR, Feb. 25 – Early Sunday Mujahideen engaged the enemy in Mohmand Darah district of Nangarhar province, killing 2 puppets.

In another report from Nangarhar province, at least 3 puppets were wounded in bombings in Rodat, Bati Kot and Ghani Khel districts of Nangarhar province last night, while a puppet was killed and another one was wounded in a bomb attack in Bati Kot district of the province early today.

In another report, a number of the enemy soldiers suffered casualties with a tank destroyed in the aforesaid district on Saturday.

Late Saturday, 3 Arbakis were killed and 2 more were wounded after Mujahideen attacked an enemy post in Bati district of the province last night.

In a report from neighboring Laghman province, a vehicle was destroyed after Mujahideen intercepted the enemy military convoy along Kabul-Jalalabad highway in the limits of Qarghayi district of Laghman province on Saturday.

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