December 07, 2022

6 khawarij Held, Weapons Seized in Nangarhar

6 khawarij Held, Weapons Seized in Nangarhar

NANGARHAR, Nov. 13 – As many as 6 Kharijites have been arrested by Mujahideen of the 3rd brigade of the 201 Khalid bin Walid army corps in Nangarhar province on Sunday.

Based to the intelligence report of the Mujahideen of the 3rd Brigade of Abdullah Bin Masoud, forces of the 201 Khalid Bin Walid Army Corps conducted an operation on a hideout of the Daesh (Khawarij) group in Nangarhar Province.

1 rifle, 6 Kalashnikov assault rifle and a number of military equipment have been seized, the arrested persons were introduced and handed over to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

The officials of the Ministry of National Defense assure the nation that any destructive group is allowed to make your life unpleasant and disturb the peaceful atmosphere.

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