January 27, 2023

58 enemy personnel lay down arms against Islamic Emirate 

58 enemy personnel lay down arms against Islamic Emirate 

BALKH, Apr. 2 – In Balkh province’s four districts 40 enemy’s joint personnel have switched sides to the Islamic Emirate.

The surrendered came in Khas Balkh, Chahi, Sholgar and Dowlatabad district of northern Balkh province.

In a report from northern Takhar province, 5 enemy military personnel surrendered themselves and their weapons including 1 rocket, 1 PK heavy machine gun and 3 Kalashnikov machine guns to Mujahideen in Chah Ab district of the province.

Similarly, 5 Arbakis surrendered themselves to Mujahideen Shinwari district of northern Parwan province and 1 enemy soldier gave in to Mujahideen in Aqcha district of northern Jowzjan province with another one joining Mujahideen in Faizabad district of the province, whereas 2 more changed sides to Mujahideen in Mardian district of Jowzjan province.

Furthermore, 1 enemy soldier joined Mujahideen in Chamkani district of Paktia province, while 1 enemy soldier surrendered himself to Mujahideen in Khogyani and another one in Achin districts of eastern Nangarhar province with 1 in Chapa Darah district of eastern Kunar province.

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