November 30, 2022

56 enemy personnel switch side to Islamic Emirate in country’s north

56 enemy personnel switch side to Islamic Emirate in country’s north

KUNDUZ, Feb. 19 – Al-Emarah News said Sunday 56 military personnel including Army Police and militia locally termed Arbakis changed side to Islamic Emirate and joined up with Mujahideen in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

The surrender came in Khanabad district of the aforesaid province due to the efforts made by the Commission of Dawat-wal-Irshad (preaching and guidance).

The former enemy personnel gave a pledge to break ties with the Kabul regime and the foreign invading troops, while undertaking to continue to support Mujahideen in battle against enemies of the country.

Mujahideen warmly welcomed former enemy personnel and assured them of their safety and full support on the part of Mujahideen.

Due to security reasons, specific cards, stipulating their identities, were issued by Islamic Emirate to those surrendered so that they would not be harassed in the name of Mujahideen in the future.

In the meantime, a number of the sittings were held by the esteemed Governor of Kunduz, Ulama, scholars and tribal elders in Kunduz city and in different provinces of Kunduz in this regards.

The names of the former enemy personnel are as follows:


  1. Hidayatullah
  2. Ahmad Shah
  3. Naqibollah
  4. Mohamed Rafi
  5. Abdul Hameed
  6. Mohammad Nawab
  7. Mihrab ud Din
  8. Syed Nagjeeb
  9. Mohammad Sabir
  10. Asmatullah
  11. Mohammad Hussain

12 Mir Ahmad

  1. Gul Ahmad

14 – 15.  Zirgai and Zalmai (brothers)

  1. Mohammad Akbar
  2. Abdul
  3. Mohammad Omar
  4. Agha Gul
  5. Gul  Mohammad
  6. Khan Muhammad
  7. Zimrai
  8. Abdul Baqi
  9. Khan Muhammad
  10. Abdul Qadeem
  11. Abdullah

27 Faridullah

  1. Islamuddin
  2. Abdul Mateen

30 Naqibullah

  1. Sirajuddin
  2. Awal Mir
  3. Shifa Mohammad
  4. Abdus Sattar
  5. Abdul Ahmad the light of Allah Zvi
  6. Khaldaar
  7. Abdus Salam

38 Ghulam Rasool

  1. Ghulam Saeid
  2. Raza Khan
  3. Hafizullah
  4. Gul Aga Khan, the owner of Zoe
  5. Mohammed Gul
  6. Abdul Baseer
  7. Faiz Mohammad
  8. Mohammed Salim Zoe
  9. Marajudin
  10. Safar Mohammad
  11. Towm Baig
  12. Deen Mohammad
  13. Jalaluddin
  14. Mohammad Raqeeb
  15. Ashour Mohammad
  16. Mohammad
  17. Mohammed Musa

56  Sayed Hashim

Separately, an enemy soldier surrendered himself and his weapon to Mujahideen in the provincial capital of Logar province on Saturday.

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