January 28, 2023

Foundation Stone of Orphanage Laid in Wardak

Foundation Stone of Orphanage Laid in Wardak

WARDAK, Jan. 01 – The foundation stone of an orphanage house has been laid. The project is being fanatically supported by benevolent citizens of Turkey in Saidabad district of Maidan Wardag province.


The orphanage is being built on one and a half acres of land belonging to Nusrat Al-Uloom religious seminary, on two floors, and will have 9 administrative and teaching rooms on both floors;

The cost of the construction of the orphanage has not yet been revealed, but the entire cost is paid by some benevolent citizens of Turkey.


The ceremony organized for this purpose at Nusrat Al-Uloom Religious School, Tangi-3, Saidabad District, was participated by tribal leaders, scholars and mujahideen along with the director of Martyrs and Disabled Affairs of Maidan Wardag Province, Mawlawi Muhammad Nazir Abu Muhammad.

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