October 07, 2022

Foreign Ministry rejects claims protesters in Pakistan

Foreign Ministry rejects claims protesters in Pakistan

KABUL, May. 25 – Foreign Minister spoksman Abdul Qahar Balkhi said in a tweet ” A number of Afghan citizens gathered in a protest in Islamabad-Pakistan, are seeking to be evacuated to other countries”.

He added that in interviews with several media outlets, the said Afghans assert that their lives are in danger in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate reiterates that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans & no threat is directed at any Afghans regardless of their ethnicity, religion or region.


IEA considers ensuring the security of every citizen as its religious and national obligation.

It is noteworthy that many amongst the protesters are Afghan citizens who have been residing in Pakistan for many years & are now using this opportunity to present themselves as recent Afghan arrivals; this way, they seek to get economic asylum in other countries.

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