December 01, 2022

5 sniped in Helmand, 3 others ambushed

5 sniped in Helmand, 3 others ambushed

HELMAND, Feb. 19 – At around 8:00 pm local time today, 2 puppets were killed in a Mujahideen ambush in Yakhchal area, Nahr Siraj region of Gerishk district.

Also in Gerishk, a 2 guards of a hireling check post were shot and killed on the spot by a sniper in Parchaw area overnight.

Likewise, 3 more enemy personnel were shot and killed in Abdullah Qalf area between Nad Ali and Marjah district last night.

Sadly, enemy has bombarded civilian compounds close to Musa Kala district center overnight, causing heavy losses villagers.

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