October 05, 2022

5 martyred in U.S aggression 

5 martyred in U.S aggression 

PAKTIA, Feb. 8 – The combined U.S aided by internal forces outrageously forced entry into the compounds of the defenseless civilians by blowing the gates with explosives in Zurmat district of Paktia province yesterday night.

The joint enemy then resorted to terrorizing and oppressing the innocent villagers and robbing them of their wealth and valuables while abducting 4 civilians from their houses last.

In another report, the joint enemy martyred and 3 innocent villagers while setting fire to the vehicle belonging to the civilians.

In a report from northern Balkh province, the U.S terrorists and their puppets last night broke into the houses in Chamtal district of Balkh province by blowing the gates of 9 houses and seized a machine used for private mining.

In another report from Balkh province, 2 civilians were martyred and 1 got injured when the U.S drone targeted a houses of the civilians early today.

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