November 26, 2022

5 killed, 8 injured in eastern Afghanistan

5 killed, 8 injured in eastern Afghanistan

LAGHMAN, Oct. 20 – The Islamic Emirate’s Mujahideen launched counteroffensive against enemy on the outskirts of Mehtarlam city, the provincial capital of Laghman province on Wednesday, sparking off hours of fighting, Al-Emarah News said on Thursday.

At least 5 enemy security personnel and 1 NDS agent were killed and a further 8 suffered injuries in the fighting in which the enemy was repelled, while Mujahideen shot and destroyed an armored tank and a military vehicle. A Mujahid fighter was also wounded in the fighting.

In a report from neighboring Nangarhar province, an unknown number of the Arbakis suffered casualties with a vehicle destroyed when Mujahideen attacked the enemy in Mohmand Darah district of Nangarhar province.

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