September 28, 2022

Fraudulent Freedom of Speech or Quitting a Culprit…?

Fraudulent Freedom of Speech or Quitting a Culprit…?

By: Inayatullah Khamoosh

Freedom of speech is determined by different opinions in different societies. Freedom of speech in an Islamic society is subject to Islamic and religious rules and values, according to which an individual can express his opinion only when it is in line with Islamic Values, national interests, unity, and other similar phenomena.

Afghanistan, an Islamic country, with a Muslim population of about 99 percent and having fully Islamic system; Accepts freedom of expression in light of Islamic values that do not harm, national interests, unity among nations, and respect for human dignity.

With the Western invasion of Afghanistan and the establishment of a puppet regime here, fraudulent freedom of speech also came to the fore. Freedom of expression in Afghanistan has been calibrated by domestic circles, with the support of some foreign circles, in such a way that everyone can express whatever they want. It violated all the boundaries of freedom of expression, did not respect human dignity, moral values, and any Afghan and Islamic pride. Rather, they spread all-out corruption in Afghanistan under the banner of reform and respect, undermined ethnic unity and crushed Afghan and Islamic values, and equipped the new generation of Afghans with Western and obscene ideas, if anyone would oppose them and raise his voice, they threaten him in one name or another, imprison him or brutally martyr him, in short, under the guise of freedom of expression in Afghanistan, all our media the machine and its preachers worked in the service of other countries and promoted other’s ideas, cultures and values in the country.

Now, after 20 years of struggle, the Islamic Emirate has become the ruler of the whole country and, thank Allah almighty, we have a complete Sharia system. Still, some so called intellectuals With Western and secular ideas are spreading hatred in the country under the pretext of false freedom of speech and advising the youth to take a stand against their original culture and values. both in the main stream media and on social media raising voice of rebellion against the Islamic system and encouraging people to take a stand against a pure Islamic system in Afghanistan, they misuse the name of freedom of expression, sometimes Insulting human dignity, sometimes violating national values, sometimes preaching to undermine national unity, sometimes demanding Western rights for women, sometimes fanning the flames of prejudice and nationalism and sometimes carrying out other such acts as if directly and indirectly funded and motivated by others, all efforts are being made to discredit the Islamic system in the country and to attract support for fleeing abroad.

In the same way, some people want to use the false freedom of speech to acquit big criminals and give them the courage to stand against Islamic and Afghan values and treat them arrogantly. Therefore they want to create problems for the system and divert it from its original purpose, as it is an obvious fact that some big criminals have used their false freedom of speech to acquit themselves and when an institution reacts against their wrongdoings or crimes, they open their mouths against it and vainglory themselves, but when their case is investigated, a great story of crimes is unveiled.

So under the guise of false freedom of speech, someone should not support the criminal and no one should use words that harm the national values, because in every law of the world boundaries are set for freedom of expression based on the national interests and values of every country, which is a crime to cross, and if found guilty, they are punished for their crime.







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