December 04, 2022

44 Tons of Drugs Discovered, seized Across the Country in Last Month

44 Tons of Drugs Discovered, seized Across the Country in Last Month

KABUL, sep. 27 –  As many as 44 tons of drugs were discovered and confiscated in last one month, amid 293 operations conducted in 32 provinces of the country, said officials of the Ministry of Interior.

Abdul Nafea Takor, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, in a press conference in Kabul today shared achievements of the Ministry during last one with the media. in the sectors of criminal offenses, public services, passport, traffic, fight against drugs, professional education.

He provided details that in the last one month, 1169 different criminal incidents have been committed in the country, of which 881 incidents have been detected and identified by the National Police.

He further said 1,621 accused and suspects have been arrested by the police and their cases have been handed over to judicial bodies.

The detainees were accused of kidnapping, murder, armed robbery, rape, extortion, traffic accidents, use of alcoholic beverages, drug trafficking, forgery, harassment, transporting illegal weapons he added.
He said 50 types of weapons, ammunition and equipment, alcoholic beverages and a quantity of drugs have been seized by the security forces.

According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior; Since the advent of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, about 764 passports have been distributed, from which 4 billion 466 million AFN have been received. Also, 4,500 visas were given to foreign nationals, through which about one million dollars in revenue was collected.
According to Takor’s detaild; the anti-narcotics police, in the last month, conducted 293 operations in 32 provinces of the country, as a result of which about 44 tons of narcotics drugs were seized by police.
During the conducted operations, eight drug processing factories were destroyed and 50,000 hectares of land were cleared of poppy cultivation.

He also added that over 500 drug addicts have been rounded up by the police and sent to health centers.

while providing details of the ministry Abdul Nafee Takwar said that in the last one month, 6,000 policemen have graduated from 10 police educational centers after professional training, and about 8,000 more policemen are engaged in professional and vocational training in educational centers.

He asked all citizens to cooperate with the forces of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in order to ensure better security, so that the level of criminal offenses in the center and provinces of the country can be reduced to zero.

It is worth to mention that the Department of Education and Training of the Ministry of Interior has been able to graduate about 50,000 policemen after professional and primary education in the past one year to serve the citizens.

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