November 30, 2022

42 join Mujahideen as district taken over

42 join Mujahideen as district taken over

WARDAK, June 24 – The Islamic Emirate’s fighters seized control of the building of Jaghato and its checkpoint in Wardak province.

This came the other night following a tight siege by Mujahideen.

During the operation 42 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen with 5 Humvee tanks, 2 military trucks, 29 M16 rifles, 12 Soviet heavy machine guns, 8 RPG rockets, 30 Kalashnikovs, 8 long range rifles, 3 artillery heavy guns, 1 DhSK, a heavy antiaircraft machine gun, 8 rifles  and ammunition.

At least 5 puppets were killed and many more were wounded.

In the capital of Wardak province, the enemy was force to empty 3 check posts in the provincial capital of  Wardak  province in which 2 puppets were killed and 4 more were wounded.

Four enemy personnel joined Mujahideen during the operation with arms and ammunition.

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