September 28, 2022

4 robbers caught in Ghazni 

4 robbers caught in Ghazni 

GHAZNI, Mar. 5 – Four armed robbers who had stolen a Toyota Corolla 2004 model from the vicinity 16th security district of Kabul city and intended to sell it in Ghazni city were intercepted and arrested by the security forces.

Mr. Saleh, the spokesman for the police headquarters, said, “The robbers hired the taxi (corolla car) in Jalalabad city, the capital Nangarhar province and wounded the driver at a desolate place in the limits of Kabul city and stole the car and the cash.”

The aforesaid culprits had previously stolen a rickshaw and 5 other vehicles, while 1 pistol and 5 mobile phones were also recovered from the robbers.

It is noteworthy that the Ghazni security forces recently arrested have captured several kidnapers, robbers, thieves’ murders in the center and districts of Ghazni and brought them to justice.

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