November 26, 2022

4 killed, post seized in country’s north

4 killed, post seized in country’s north

 PARWAN, Sep. 30 –  At least four Arbakis were killed with another four injured during an intense fighting as Mujahideen stormed the enemy posts in Syagard district of northern province Parwan province early on Saturday , according to Al-Emarah News.

It said Mujahideen fighters seized an enemy post and flushed the enemy out of a large swathe of land as well as two villages in the said district, while Mujahideen closed in on a number of the enemy posts laying a siege to another village.

In another report, a roadside bomb blast ripped into an enemy tank in Charikar city on Friday, the capital of Parwan province, blowing the tank apart and killing all those aboard it dead and wounded.

In the province’s Bagram district, Mujahideen engaged the U.S invaders last night, destroying an armored tank but the casualty toll is not determined.

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