December 08, 2022

370 Afghan Personalities so far Returned Back to Country

370 Afghan Personalities so far Returned Back to Country

HERAT, Oct. 22 –  As many as 370 Afghan personalities have returned to the country since the establishment of commission for liaison with Afghan personalities, says Ahmadullah Wasiq, the spokesperson of the commission for liaison with Afghan personalities.

The spokesperson of the commission for communication with Afghan personalities, in an interview with the local correspondent of Bakhtar News Agency in Herat, said that since the establishment of this commission, 370 Afghan figures including ministers, deputies, members of parliament, national security employees, journalists and prominent political figures have returned to the country.

The commission for liaison with Afghan personalities was created based on the order of Amir al-Mu’minin and and will keep trying to bring back the last Afghan remains outside the country.

He further added that, invitations have been sent by this commission to all military political figures and journalists except former president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan as well as the said commission have asked Amir Mohammad Ismail Khan to return to the country several times, but he insists on staying abroad, he said.

Ahmadullah Wasiq stated that the Islamic Emirate provides jobs to elite and professional people returning to the country in the system, and there is no obstacle in their travel to abroad.

Mr, Wasiq also denied the rumors spread by some media outlets that the Islamic Emirate prevented Dr. Abdullah Abdullah from traveling out of the country and said: “There are rumors that Abdullah Abdullah cannot travel to any country, while Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has several times traveled abroad and also came back again.”

He says that several journalists who left the country have also been invited to return to the country, some of them have returned to Afghanistan so far.

At the end of this conversation, the spokesperson of the Commission for Liaison with Afghan Personalities and the General Manager of the National Radio and Television once again asked the citizens of the country, especially the politicians, elite and scientific figures, to stay in the country and work together with their compatriots for the prosperity and pride of Afghanistan.

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