December 07, 2022

354 enemy personnel lay down arms as 2 districts fall

354 enemy personnel lay down arms as 2 districts fall

 KUNDUZ, June 28 – In Kunduz Imam Sahib district, 233 enemy personnel switched sides to the Islamic Emirate with large amounts of arms and ammunition.

The arms includes , 21 tanks, 47 military vehicles, 15 military and supply trucks, 11 vans and cars, 3 four-wheeled motorbikes, 3 three-wheeled motorbikes, 283 Kalashnikov machine guns, 21 U.S heavy machine guns, 56 (M16) rifles, 25 RPG rockets, 21 pistol, 4 DShK, heavy anti-aircraft machine guns, 1 Zikoyak, 1 mortar gun and a great deal of ammunition.

In Wardak province, 190 enemy personnel surrendered themselves to the Mujahideen following Mujahideen takeover of the district center of Syed Abad.

Moreover, 6 puppets were killed and 7 more were wounded with 30 tanks, 2 military vehicles, 15 military trucks, 300 weapons and 1 mortar cannon.

Separately, 11 enemy soldiers with 11 Kalashnikov machines, 1 heavy machine and ammunition joined Mujahideen.

In Balkh province’s Shortipa district, 8 Arbakis gave in to Mujahideen with 7 Kalashnikov machine guns and 1 heavy machine gun.

In another report, 10 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen in Shar-e-Buzurg and 2 more in Daraim districts of northern Badakhshan province.

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