January 29, 2023

350 displaced families in Lashkergah receive cash assistance

350 displaced families in Lashkergah receive cash assistance

HELMAND, Dec. 09 – Helmand Department of Refugees, in collaboration with HRDA and funded by UHNCR, cash assistance was provided to 350 needy families in Lashkar Gah on Thursday.

During the distribution of aid, the Acting Director of the Department of Refugees, Mawlawi Al-Adad Enqiadi, said that each family was given 400 US dollars, where Governor’s Office officials, representative of Intelligence Department and representatives were also present.


It is noteworthy that since the coming of the Islamic Emirate, the Department of Refugee Affairs, in collaboration with various organizations, has provided assistance to the needy families in the center and districts of Helmand.


The distribution of aid today was based on a recent survey conducted in different areas and police districts of capital Lashkar Gah in coordination with the Governor’s Office.


The aid distribution process was very transparent and will continue to be so in the future as well.

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