December 04, 2022

341 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen

341 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen

JOWZJAN, July 3 – In Jowzjan province’s Mardian district, 41 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen.

Similarly, 17 enemy military personnel changed sides to the Islamic Emirate in Shinwari district of Parwan province.

In Paktia province’s Ahmad Khel district, 6 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen.

In Badakhshan province’s Shehr-e-Buzurg district, 45 enemy personnel laid down arms against Mujahideen.


In Wardak province, 6 puppets surrendered to Mujahideen when 3 of the enemy’s military posts were taken over in Syed Abad district of wardak province.

Also in Wardak province’s Syed Abad district, 75 enemy personnel joined Mujahideen.

This came after Mujahideen seized a combat post in which 5 puppets were killed and 15 were wounded.

In the operation, Mujahideen captured from the enemy’s possession 30 tanks, 20 vehicles, 15 loaders trucks, 450 rifles, 65 heavy machine guns, 30 rocket-propelled grenades, 9  artilleriers, 13 mortars, 10 SPG 9, 25 DhSK( heavy antiaircraft machine guns), 60 long range rifles, 30 Kalashnikov machine guns, 50 pistols, 15 hand grenades, 7 light machine guns, and a large amounts of ammunition of several different kinds of arms.

In another report, 5 policemen joined Mujahideen in Faizabad district of Jowzjan province, while 1 enemy soldier joined Mujahideen in Khanabad district of Kunduz province.

In northern Badakhshan province, 4 Arbakis joined Mujahideen in Badakhshan province.

In another report, 11 enemy soldiers joined Mujahideen in Sarobi district of Kabul province.

Likewise, 107 enemy soldiers have surrendered themselves to Mujahideen in several districts of Baghlan province.

Furthermore, 22 enemy soldiers have joined Mujahideen in several districts of Khost province.

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