October 05, 2022

34 puppets killed, 32 injured in Ghazni operations 

34 puppets killed, 32 injured in Ghazni operations 

GHAZNI, May 7 – As many as 17 joint enemy personnel have been killed and 20 more wounded during a 3-day long fighting in the limits between Ghazni city and Shalgar district of this province.

Mujahideen counterattacked attacked the enemy offensives supported by aerial attacks and foiled their operations several times.

A total of 17 enemy military tanks either being shot or targeted by landmines have been destroyed in the fighting.

Two Mujahideen fighters embraced martyrdom with 12 more injured in the entire operation, whereas 8 civilians were martyred and 15 more sustained injuries in the enemy use of heavy weapons and airstrikes.

The enemy operations ended in route and were forced to retreat with deadliest losses yesterday, while the road between Ghazni and Paktika still remains closed off.

Similarly, a further  7 enemy soldiers were killed and several dozen suffered wounds in a fighting that raged once more last night in the area after the enemy attempted to reopen the road between Paktika and Ghazni.

Moreover, 7 Arbaki lapdogs were killed and 9 more were wounded after Mujahideen targeted the posts belonging to local militia in Qarabagh district of the province, prompting violent fighting that continued into morning hours of Monday.

Separately, 1 puppet was killed and 3 more wounded when a roadside bomb blast hit an enemy tank in the provincial capital of Ghani province on Sunday, while 2 puppets lost their lives when Mujahideen targeted an enemy post elsewhere in Ghazni city on the same day.

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