January 27, 2023

32 killed, 18 injured in country’s southeast

32 killed, 18 injured in country’s southeast

PAKTIA, Aug. 26 – As many as 9 puppets were killed and an additional 14 were injured in an intense fighting following Mujahideen ambush of the enemy taskforces in Jani Khel district of Paktia province on Friday evening, Al-Emarah reporter said.

He added 3 Mujahideen fighters suffered injuries in yesterday’s operation.

He further said earlier Friday the said taskforce was attacked by Mujahideen in which over 18 puppets suffered casualties.


The enemy’s claims that Mujahideen were forced to retreat are untrue and groundless.

Also Friday, 2 roadside bombings killed 3 puppets in Girda Chiri district of Paktia province.

In a report from neighboring province of Paktika, 3 puppets were killed and another 4 were wounded in Mujahideen direct shooting and bomb attacks in Gomal district of this province on Friday.

A vehicle was also destroyed in Mujahideen attacks in the said district.

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