December 06, 2022

31 puppets killed, 45 injured in southern Afghanistan

31 puppets killed, 45 injured in southern Afghanistan

GHAZNI, Oct. 15 – As many as 10 puppets were killed and a further 12 wounded in a series of Mujahideen attacks in Dayak district of southern Ghazni province on Saturday morning.

Five armored tanks were also destroyed in Mujahideen attacks in the mentioned district of Ghazni province

According to a report from the province’s Giro district, over 21 puppets were killed and 33 others suffered injuries when the enemy task forces consisting of 250 armored personnel tanks and vehicles ran into Mujahideen ambush in on Friday.

The fighting went on through much of the day in which 10 armored tanks and 1 vehicle.

Similarly Mujahideen deny the enemy claims of the martyrdom of  60 Mujahideen combatants, saying  only 2 Mujahideen embraced martyrdom in Friday’s operation.

Sadly 18 civilians mostly children and women were martyred and a further 10 suffered injuries in the enemy exercise of heavy weapons in the mentioned district.


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