October 07, 2022

300 attacks in first three days of Al Khandaq

300 attacks in first three days of Al Khandaq

Islamic Emirate has launched a new annual operations under the title of (Al-Khandaq) on 25th of April, 2018, against the invaders and Kabul regime. The operations were started with the spiritual slogan of Allah is the Greatest (Allahu Akbar) across the country, where most important centers of invaders and puppets were targeted. The enemy was scared at the beginning of the operations to the extent that they couldn’t find words to respond to questions raised by the media.

Mujahideen conducted 132 attacks on the very first day of the Al-Khandaq operations targeting the bases, check points and sanctuaries of the invaders and mercenary enemy across the country. The attacks inflicted heavy losses of lives and property to the enemy, many areas were cleared of their presence and many spoils fall in the hands of Mujahideen.

On the second day of operations, many heroic attacks were planned and conducted on key bases, check points and sanctuaries of internal and foreign enemy, various areas in multiple provinces and districts have come under Mujahideen control, enormous damages were caused to the enemy and the rest of the gunmen ran away from the battlefield in humiliation.

Also on the third day Al-Khandaq operations, self-sacrificial operations were carried out on the bases of enemy. Like the last two days, many areas were conquered where the enemy left dead bodies and weapons in the battlefield and immediately retreated. On the same day, deputy Governor of Logar (Shakib) was killed in an ambush. Similarly the Security Headquarters of Qalazaal district, Kunduz province, a major base and more vast regions were conquered by Mujahideen. In this battle, the enemy sustained heavy losses of lives and properties, while the remaining managed to runaway.

With the announcement of Al-Khandaq operations, many local police have surrendered themselves to Islamic Emirates and this series is still continues. The Kabul administration personnel should use this opportunity to its full extent. They should contact the Islamic Emirate, submit their weapons and ammunition to Mujahideen and give up the fight against the nation. The Mujahideen assure the protection of life and property to all those people in the enemy ranks that surrender to the Islamic Emirate and disavow working  for American interests.

The attacks on the enemy all over the country are still ongoing. The enemy has lost all initiative  and morale on the battlefield and are fleeing everywhere. More than three hundred attacks in only the initial three days of Al-Khnadaq operations have shown that these operations are planned carefully by learning from past experiences and adopting new tactics. While looking at the successful start of Al-Khandaq operations, it seems that the Kabul administration and invaders should brace themselves for heavy losses. Their control will continue to diminish until they are besieged in every corner of the country by Mujahideen.


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