January 28, 2023

3 U.S invaders, 40 local personnel killed in north 

3 U.S invaders, 40 local personnel killed in north 

KUNDUZ, Aug. 15 – Three American aggressors and as many as 36 joint enemy personnel including intelligence, commandos, police and Arbakis were killed and an additional 20 suffered injuries when a martyr attacker slammed his corolla car filled with explosives into the convoy of the joint enemy within a terminal in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province early Tuesday, according to Al-Emarah News.

It added the martyr attack was carried out by Shafiq, a Mujahid of the martyr unit of the Islamic Emirate around 11:00 AM in Chahar Darah district of the province as the enemy was attempting to conduct operations against Mujahideen in which 5 tanks and 1 military vehicle were destroyed in addition to the deaths and injuries inflicted on the enemy.

The terminal where the attack was carried out is said to have been burned to ashes in Tuesday’s successful martyrdom operation.

Chief of the intelligence was reported to be among those killed in the attack.

On Wednesday, fighting raged in the said district yet again after the combined U.S invaders and their puppets attempted to launch operation against Mujahideen in which 4 commandos of the Special Forces were killed and many others were wounded, while a Mujahideen too became martyr in yesterday’s fighting.

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