November 27, 2022

3 kidnappers captured, hostage released

3 kidnappers captured, hostage released

NANGARHAR, Feb. 7 – Three kidnappers were taken captive yesterday when Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate raided a house in Ghani Khail district of Nangarhar to rescue a kidnapped child.

This came after intelligence unit of the Islamic Emirate got atip-off that some people had made a child hostage in a compound in the center of the said district.

The Islamic Emirate combatants spotted and raided the house to rescue the kidnapped child.

The rapid action on the part of Mujahideen confounded the kidnappers, who could not succeed in getting away.

Mujahideen recovered 1 car, 1 Kalashnikov rifle and some ammo.

The child, who remained unhurt, was turned over to his family shortly afterwards.

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