November 26, 2022

3 districts fall to Mujahideen in Faryab

3 districts fall to Mujahideen in Faryab

FARYAB, Jun. 25 – The siege of enemy has been intensifying for the last three days In Andkhoi, Qaramqul and Qarghan districts of Faryab province and resulting in they fell into hands of heroic Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate yesterday.

A number of puppets were killed and wounded in these districts, many of them surrendered and some of them escaped.

Mujahideen also confiscated a large quantity of weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

Currently, Khan Charbagh district center, Pashtun Kot district center and Mamina city in Faryab province are in hands of the enemy, all other 15 districts of the province are completely under the control of Mujahideen.

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